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  1. [quote name='element82196']Alright, as you can all fairly tell I'm pretty new to this whole making a rsps thing, but i really wanna give it a go, but i have a problem, how do i test the server? like i download source and client get the source running but i usually can't get the client to connect to the source, so i can see how the server looks and runs etc. If anyone can help me it'd be greatly thanks.[/QUOTE] Just run the client and the source and voila
  2. fantity

    [Delta] Please help

    I need help with coding summoning. I already have all the charms and almost all the pouches and I have an exp system I just need to know how to make when I click summon it summons it and it follows me
  3. [quote name='DJMielens']looked at like 20 guides and all their npcdrops look waaaayy different than mine >.> does anyone know how to change it in mine? or show me which number is which?[ATTACH=CONFIG]3095[/ATTACH][/QUOTE] It seems like the first two are NPC ID and item id
  4. [quote name='mojo']You do realise you are using the same [I]teleEffect[/I] for both skilling and pking teleports, right? Each set of options must have their own unique [I]teleEffect[/I] number. From what I can see above, you already have 1, 2, and 3 in use. The [I]c.[/I] prefix before it means it's coming from [B]client.java[/B]. So open [B]client.java[/B] and search for [i]teleEffect = 1;[/i], see how that code around it is made and make a new [I]teleEffect[/I] specially for the skilling teleports in a similar format, except select an unsed number, eg [i]teleEffect = 4;[/i] (I don't know if you already have this or not, search and if nothing comes up use that number).[/QUOTE] When I searched that in client.java this was the only result: [CODE] } if(q2 == 15){ teleEffect = 2; sendQuest("Teleport to the abyss?", 2470); sendQuest("Yes", 2471); sendQuest("No", 2472); sendQuest("", 2473); sendFrame164(2469); } [/CODE]
  5. [quote name='omgitsbob12']Try doing this on UTorrent?[/QUOTE] Don't use utorrent because it will say server is already in use
  6. Please use [CODE] a code box [/CODE] :confused:
  7. [quote name='Xerox']I've been looking for this too, and I searched on google and on here for about 45 minutes today and wasn't able to find anything related to 317 servers.[/QUOTE] Most people want to keep they're own masterpieces to themselves
  8. [quote name='Mr 39531']I'm running 64bit Windows 7, I got this error when I hit run and my jdk is [I]jdk1.6.0_25[/I]. Here is my error... [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/dmcy9u.jpg[/IMG] Can you help me out, I am extremely new to the coding world. This is a PI source.[/QUOTE] Looks like anti-leech. If not you made a mistake in itemhandler
  9. [quote name='iiMack'][CENTER]So i changed up the ip's in the client to my no-ip but what other ips do i have to change in order for it to connect also where is the ips in the source files that i have to change please help [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/4/help5w.png/][IMG]http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/6668/help5w.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER][/QUOTE] Well you need to search for in client folder so you can change it to your no-ip
  10. [quote name='Owner Usman']You are using the same case for two different things. To separate them, you must put two different if statements. One if statement for one thing, and the other for the other thing.[/QUOTE] What do you mean?
  11. [quote name='i pwn u i']But the shop interface...[/QUOTE] try 3824
  12. [quote name='IXiionzI']Okay well this is part of the client side and when i compile i get this error and i have no clue what it mean can someone fix the code for me? or tell me whats wrong? ;D [IMG]http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/9893/5906ee60e24f4a14839a8eb.png[/IMG][/QUOTE] Something is wrong with how you typed it. The text it is pointing at perhaps?
  13. [quote name='i pwn u i'][PI] How do i find shop interface ids? [PI][/QUOTE] In your client look for interface in sprites maybe? Here are ids for 317 anyway: [CODE] 0 Thessalia's Makeovers [Legs] 139 Select an option 147 Player Controls 196 Player killing skull 200 Player killing skull 205 What would you like to enchant? 246 The Blueberry Cocktail Guide 247 Empty title bar 293 Left arrow 294 Right arrow 297 Quest Reward Scroll 328 Staff Equip 356 Single line text [click here to continue] 359 Two line text [click here to continue] 363 Three line text [click here to continue] 368 Four line text [click here to continue] 425 Warhammer equip 446 Ranging Minigame (target) 569 The Blueberry Cocktail Guide (Gnome?) 573 Right arrow 582 Gnome bowls, crunchies, battas 599 Blank menu bar 638 Quest journal 665 First the rows of emotes?... 671 Combination lock door 716 Combination lock door 719 Blank menu bar 776 Scythe equip 802 Map (Spirit trees, I think) 837 Book interface 840 Left arrow 842 Right arrow 865 Black menu bar 876 Draughts - Options 904 Game options (High detail) 962 Harp tab (High detail) 968 Chat text (Name, Line1, Click here to continue) 973 Chat text (Name, two lines , Click here to continue) 979 Chat text (Name, three lines , Click here to continue) 986 Chat text (Name, four lines , Click here to continue) 994 Smithing menu 1097 1 bar, Other" 1133 1 bar, studs 1136 Map of some sort 1151 Magic sidebar 1194 Spell description box 1644 Character equip tab 1668 Box showing bonuses 1689 Staff set (Ancient Magicks) 1690 Box (Spell descriptions) 1698 Battleaxe equip 1743 How many would you like to cook? 1749 Bow equips 1764 Bow equips 1779 Gianne's Cook Book 1787 Left arrow 188 Right arrow 1789 Blank menu bar 1829 Set a spell 1846 Spell description box 1908 Wilderness warning 2007 Hairdresser Salon (beard) 2505 Hairdresser Salon (hair [female]) 2156 Party Drop Chest 2276 Sword equip 2302 Cogs 2311 Leather crafting 2400 What would you like to smelt? (Smelt X) 2423 Sword Equip 2449 Log out sidebar 2459 Select and option [two options] 2465 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 2469 Select and option [three options] 2476 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 2480 Select and option four options] 2488 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 2492 Select and option [five options] 2501 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 2633 Hairdresser Salon (Hair [male]) 2808 Genie Lamp (skill select) 2834 Lock 2851 Thesselia's Makeover (torso [male]) 3023 Genie Lamp selection background 3038 Thesselia's Makeover (torso [female]) 3208 "You are the winner" 3209 Tzhaar View Choice 3213 Inventory 3236 6 Yellow outlines of squares 3249 Gear placement 3279 Tears of Guthix minigame 3281 Map (Karamja etc) 3323 Trade interface 3443 Trading confirmation 3559 Character design window 3702 Telescope view 3796 Mace equip 3824 Axe shop 3917 Skill sidebar 3918 First row of three skills 3925 Second row of three skills 3932 Third row of three skills 3939 Fourth row of three skills 3946 Fifth row of three skills 3953 Sixth row of three skills 3960 Quest points, combat level, total level 4148 Last row of skills 4161 What would you like to make? [Rings, Amulets, Necklaces) 4228 Ring mould in above interface 4161 4234 Necklace mould in above interface 4161 4340 Amulet mould in above interface 4161 4261 Advanced a thieving level 4262 Click the tune to play 6267 Advanced a runecrafting level 6272 Advanced a woodcutting level 6277 Advanced an Agility level 6282 Advanced a fire making level 4305 Clue scroll map 4416 Advanced a mining level 4429 How many would you like to make? 4443 Advanced a ranging level 4445 Game options (low detail) 4446 Throwing knives equip 4465 Deposit box 4471 Egyptian sliding puzzle 4504 Black hole? 4543 Barrows puzzle 4588 Book 4564 Trawler catch 4679 Spear Equip 4705 Sword Equip 4731 Thessalia's Makeovers (legs [female]) 4909 Reward (Certificate) 4919 Fraction Still 4970 Temple repair 5065 Friends list 5292 Bank 5392 Newcomer's map 5454 Select skin colour and gender 5570 Pickaxe equip 5596 Trawler instructions 5608 Prayer menu 5715 Ignore list 5855 Unarmed 5875 Report Abuse 6014 Unmoph 6028 List of needed items 6103 Handle equip 6152 Prison guard random event 6206 Advanced a Strength level 6211 Advanced a Magic level 6216 Advanced a hitpoints level 6221 Advanced a Smithing level 6226 Advanced a cooking level 6231 Advanced a Fletching level 6237 Advanced a Herblore level 6242 Advanced a Prayer level 6247 Advanced an Attack level 6253 Advanced a Defence level 6258 Advanced a Fishing level 6263 Advanced a Crafting level 6299 Low memory music tab 6308 Dueling scoreboard 6412 Are you sure you want to fight this duel? 6500 You are about to stake: 6501 Your opponent will stake: 6543 Mime emotes (chatbox) 6554 Mysterious box 6568 Maze random event 6575 Dueling with: 6665 Your stake: 6666 Opponent's stake 6667 Accept 6668 Decline 6672 Blank menu bar 6673 There is % of the reward left 6675 Dice? 6733 Dueling victory 6824 Claim 6946 Sextant 6960 Clue Reward 6965 Clue scroll 6984 Hint 7045 Clue map 7092 Lines on the clue scroll 7113 Clue map 7162 Clue map 7271 Clue map 7424 Bank pin 7762 Claws equip 8016 Grave monument 8030 Grave stone 8109 Hands holding a stone sign 8119 Black paper 8134 IfQuestName 8207 Select an Option [four options] 8215 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 8219 Select an Option [five options] 8228 Two swords facing inwards [chatbox] 8292 Brimhaven Agility Arena Ticket Exchange 8431 Claws, 2 bars 8460 Halberd equip 8511 Some puzzle thing 8559 More sophisticated version of 8511 8577 Crunchy (126) beat Crunchy (126)" 8680 Tutorial Island Process 8714 Skill menu [when you click on a skill that window pops up...] 8800 Empty box? 8813 Bronze \ Iron 8825 Steel 8825 Mithril 8828 Mithril 8838 Adamant 8841 Rune 8844 Smelting 8850 Op 8 8860 Op 9 8863 Op 10 8866 What would you like to make? 8880 What would you like to make? 8899 What would you like to make? 8938 What would you like to make? 9043 Clue Scroll 9108 Clue Scroll 9196 Clue Scroll 9275 Clue Scroll 9359 Clue Scroll 9454 Clue Scroll 9507 Clue Scroll 9632 Clue Scroll 9720 Clue Scroll 9839 Clue Scroll 9929 Orbit or something? 9947 Yrsa's Shoe Store 10051 Combination lock door 10054 Blank menu bar 10116 A face with runes around it? :\ 10245 Challenge 10258 Times per move 10266 Choose piece 10294 Challenge: Select Game 10360 Select 10371 Game <ranks> 10380 Draughts 10470 Resign 10507 Draughts 10597 Close 10617 Runelink 10709 Offer Draw 10755 Runelink: Options 10821 Challenge 10834 Time per move 10842 Choose piece 10874 Runelink 10969 Close 10984 Kingdom of Miscellania 10989 Mining 10993 Herbs 11010 Coffers 11028 Wood 11044 Fishing 11063 Idle 11092 Miscellania, Etceteria, Waterbirth Island, Relleka, on a map 11104 Some blank stone message? 11126 Sliding puzzle 11146 Castle Wars!! 11153 Part of the castle wars interface 11169 Catapult! 11301 First two numbers of the catapult 11302 Third and fourth numbers on the catapult 11344 Castle Wars again?? 11351 Part of the castle wars interface 11367 Castle Wars Ticket Exchange 11458 1 bar Oil Lantern Frame 11462 What would you like to make (Glass stuff) 11479 Waiting for other players to join the team 11485 Points Settings 11891 Name (line1, line2, line3) 11898 Map with a rowboat... 11902 Same map as a above, broken row boat 11908 Trawler progress? 11929 Same as above, left justified 11942 Ranging Guild Ticket Exhange 12050 Choose Spell 12062 Boat that crashes into a statue 12122 Advanced a slayer level 12130 Time left || XP Score 12140 Congratulations, you have completed Death Plauteau 12161 Some sort of progress bar? 12227 Please follow the instructions below... [Tutorial Island] 12231 Rune Draw 12264 Draw 12265 Hold 12266 Dragontooth Island 12283 Completely black interface with one white "Text" 12290 Whip Equip interface 12346 Remove this key 12366 Remove this key, but in top left 12414 Darkened screen 12416 Slightly darkened screen 12418 Slightly darker than 12416 12424 Old spells? 12468 Teleport Other!! 12564 Accept 12565 Decline 12586 Shematic rotation 12624 A book... 12628 Blank menu bar 12712 Left arrow 12714 Right arrow 12737 Heads...and the lines "Name, Line1, line1" :| 12746 Chatbox, name, line1 12752 Some gears and stuff 12754 Sorta like the one above 12756 Similar to above 12758 Similar to abooove 12760 Similar to above...yet again... 12762 Close 12764 Yellow irregular hexagon, haha. 12766 Simliar to above 12768 Similar to above, again 12820 Some lock thing 12853 A window? 12855 Ancient Magicks 13103 Waves or something? 13347 Left arrow 13349 Right arrow 13390 Some display of rocks 13394 Brooch 13486 Large Book 13507 Right arrow 13508 Left arrow 13578 Chatbox, two heads, "Both, argh!" 13583 Completely black screen! 13585 lj_title [some torn paper, with 100 lines] 13588 Lines from above interface ^^ 13692 Scroll, 16 lines 13749 !!I have no idea what this is!! 13758 Select an option, two options 13764 Two swords pointing inwards [chat box] 13768 Select an option. three options 13755 Two Swords pointing inwards 13782 Silver Casting 13901 Select an option, five options 13910 Two swords pointing inwards 13929 Sort of like advancing a cooking level? O.o 13960 Select an option, four options 13968 Two swords pointing inwards 13975 Some equip, aim and fire? O.O 13989 Something with a hole in the centre.. :\ 14170 Are you sure you wish to destroy this item? 14187 Tai Bwo Wannai Postal Service 14191 Pick the odd one out [amulet, ring, spade] 14210 * Tai Bwo Favour * 0% 14217 Is this a... (fish) 14230 Dr. Ford's Hand 14244 Casket 14337 -> 14346 A green dot... 14378 Casket 14422 Green dot 14425 Green dot 14428 Green dot 14431 Green dot 14434 Green dot 14443 Select an option (Option2, Option3) 14449 two swords pointing inwards 14458 Blast Furnace Bar Stock 14578 Blast Furnace Plan 14594 Blast Furncace Temp Gauge 14600 Cracked screen? 14606 Items I need for King Roald's Garden: 14654 Three options? 14664 Pick a kitten 14670 What hides would you like tanning? 14761 - 14768 Hide Cost 14917 Some sand thing 14918 Rum Deal banner 14924 Bank Pin Settings 15068 Rum Deal (cat) 15100 Rage level 15102 Part of rage level bar 15104 Part of rage level bar 15163 Part of rage level bar 15168 Part of rage level bar 15177 Part of rage level bar 15181 I'm guessing something to do with the new rage thing =\ 15192 Name your cat 15267 A book 15294 Op 11 15304 Op 12 15307 Op 13 15320 Part of rage level bar 15328 What would you like to make in the churn? 15336 What would you like to make? [Churn cream, churn butter, churn cheese] 15353 Three yellow, wavy lines 15443 Text from the silver casting interface 15500 Cat fight or something, lol? 15541 Some game... 15566 Left arrow 15567 Right arrow 15593 Gnome storage text 15614 Amazing Farming Equipment Store 15712 The Ballad of Jareesh 15715 Text from above 15831 Well done, you defeated the Champion! 15842 Pick a colour (painting the Christmas Ornaments) 15944 Magic Training Arena Shop 16062 Left arrow 16064 Right arrow 16129 Pop the correct balloon to find a key 16133 Balloon from above 16135 Sandwich Lady random event 16150 A storm? 16152 Smog or something 16161 Runesquares options 16227 Challenge 16240 Time per move 16248 Choose piece 16276 Runesquares 16367 Resign 16574 Runesquares 16669 Close 16847 Runeversi 16938 Resign 16939 Offer Draw 17073 Runeversi options 17139 Challlenge 17152 Time per move 17160 Choose piece 17192 Runeversi 17288 Close 17525 Click the arrow buttons to move the taper 17537 Clue Scroll map 17620 Clue Scroll map 17634 Clue Scroll map 17687 Clue Scroll map 17774 Clue Scroll map 17888 Clue Scroll map 17907 Clue Scroll map 18055 Clue Scroll map 18164 List of Fairy Queen's Symptoms 18178 What sort of canoe would you like to make ? 18179 Moving water 18187 A log 18209 A canoe 18212 A canoe 18215 A canoe 18220 Please select your desination [canoe places] 18221 Moving water 18234 Lumbridge and a canoe 18236 Champion's guild and a canoe 18238 Barbarian Village and a canoe 18242 A little cave 18254 Wilderness pond 18261 Edgeville and a canoe 18299 Do you really want to bet X! [Yes\No] 18321 Not sure what this is, haha 18334 An egg 18336 Another egg, moved to the left a bit 18338 Yet another egg 18340 Again, an egg. 18342 AN EGG! 18343 A box with moving question marks in the background.. 18432 A bottle? 18436 Recipe for disaster 18452 Black screen that fades to a glass transparency 18456 Lighter than the last interface 18458 Darker than previous 18460 Previous interface which fades to black 18483 New grave digger random 18497 A stone or something 18525 Choose your path [probably has to do with canoes] 18648 A part of the bank pin settings interface 18652 A part of the bank pin settings interface 18657 A part of the bank pin settings interface 18660 Same as 18657 18665 Part of the rage level bar 18667 Part of the rage level bar 18669 Part of the rage level bar 18679 Pure black interface 18681 Black interface that has a ghost go towards the screen [/CODE]
  14. I need help with one of my teleports. I changed my catherby teleport so it looks like this: [CODE] case 4150: // catherby teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which teleport?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Basic Skills", 2471); c.sendQuest("Summoning", 2472); c.sendQuest("Unused", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; case 51005: // catherby teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which teleport?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Basic Skills", 2471); c.sendQuest("Summoning", 2472); c.sendQuest("Unused", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; [/CODE] I copied my pking teleport and it looks like this: [CODE] case 73136: case 4143: case 50245: // edgeville teleport c.teleEffect = 1; c.sendQuest("Which wild zone?", 2470); c.sendQuest("Edgeville", 2471); c.sendQuest("Varrock", 2472); c.sendQuest("Mage bank", 2473); c.sendFrame164(2469); break; [/CODE] The teleport locations for my skilling one is: [CODE] case 73137: case 4151: case 51006: //fantity c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(3),3434+misc.random(3), 0); break; case 9166: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(2), 3434+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.triggerTele(2841+misc.random(2), 3434+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 3) c.sendQuest("Danger Info", 8144); c.clearQuestInterface(); c.sendQuest("KBD is at a deep wilderness level", 8147); c.sendQuest("so PKing is entirely possible", 8148); c.sendQuest("also remember to bring an anti d shield", 8149); c.sendQuest("or use mage protection prayer", 8150); c.sendQuest("as the KBD can hit quite high", 8151); c.sendQuestSomething(8143); c.showInterface(8134); c.flushOutStream(); break; [/CODE] And the code for pking teleports: [CODE] case 73100: case 4140: case 50235: c.triggerTele(3662+misc.random(3),3496+misc.random(3), 0); break; case 9167: if(c.teleEffect == 1) c.triggerTele(3087+misc.random(2), 3498+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 2) c.triggerTele(3020+misc.random(2), 4815+misc.random(2), 0); if(c.teleEffect == 3) c.sendQuest("Danger Info", 8144); c.clearQuestInterface(); c.sendQuest("KBD is at a deep wilderness level", 8147); c.sendQuest("so PKing is entirely possible", 8148); c.sendQuest("also remember to bring an anti d shield", 8149); c.sendQuest("or use mage protection prayer", 8150); c.sendQuest("as the KBD can hit quite high", 8151); c.sendQuestSomething(8143); c.showInterface(8134); c.flushOutStream(); break; [/CODE] When I teleport I use the same teles as pking but text is different? Please help :(
  15. [quote name='Owner Usman']Put the frame for when you inflict damage.[/QUOTE] I tried to do that but I got this error [ATTACH=CONFIG]3156[/ATTACH]