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  1. when i run my client i get an error, so i compiled, and i still get the same error, ive never used it before i have just downloaded it, if you could help me, my teamviewer is 560 393 915 and my pass is 9610 the issue is posted below: [CODE]Error: Could not find or load main class client Press any key to continue . . .[/CODE] Somone Please help!
  2. Client wont load, and it wont download cache i keep getting an error, nice source though!!
  3. hey help me with drops? i did what u said and they still wont drop.. i cant figure this out!?

  4. ive did both, and it still didnt work, more help please??
  5. yup, im using [PI] do you know how to fix?
  6. ive tried everything.. they dont even drop bones or anything can somone help??
  7. well.. im new to coding [PI] sources and.. my [PI] source doesnt let anybody attack Corp beast, and Tormented demon, does anybody know how to fix this? Any help will be appriciated.! thanks! -Murder
  8. oh ok bro.. good luck lol btw i just coded ::shops it looks amazing hah!

  9. um Atm i cant do anything as my PC has messed up..... CAnt install Linux on USB as my pc cant detect it but im getting some disks tommorrow and whenever i do get it fixed il start on your client as i need to jar it to play it now......

  10. and tyvm for making client!!! ur the best man!

  11. aight, ill send you source prob, tommorow im busy fixing donor place, some noob glitched in to it fail! lol but u should show me how to code the teleports?

  12. hey whenever you get this . Im working on that Client now um if you want send me your source (pm) And il patch it up for you. il Find that tele xd :) I could be your coder if you want. EDIT: my Main PCS broken down lol fixing it right now using my bros atm

  13. [quote name='mrpwnagecode']U've Portwarded And All that Clients Ip is Changed ECTRA ECTRA ? double Check a setting May of changed did you add any code and complie then you couldnt log bk in? i think a firewall may be blocking internet access when you connect? check All them settings[/QUOTE] and mrpwnagecode, i inboxed you.
  14. Nobody seems to know, ive tried to get help from everybody nobody knows. ive done everything right. but my internet goes off sometimes when somone tried to log in wtf?
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2289[/ATTACH] Ive done everything.. sometimes ill even go to run my server and the internet will just go off.. it was working fine yesterday and the day before.. but now something is going on someone please help!? when i connect to server it says "error connecting to server" im going to lose all my players if i dont get it back up within like 2:00 :/ -Anthony