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  1. Darkan is a 727 server targeted at entirely emulating how RS was during 2012, but optionally with some quality of life changes and nerfs to overpowered content as seen fit by both the players and developers. I will not accept any payments in return for any benefits ingame and the integrity of the game will be strongly maintained with a zero donation benefit policy. Tired of OSRS servers? Reminiscing of RuneScapes best years when an AGS cost over 100m? Miss rushing people with Vesta and dragon claws to a chaotic maul smackdown? Well on Darkan, you can do that. Darkan is a 727 revision pre-eoc server being developed to emulate those memories. Come check us out to get flash backs you totally forgot about. Explore a world full of content all over again, from fully functioning skills including real dynamic dungeoneering floors to farming your herblore supplies. Play Darkan on your own terms, try out the various game modes offered. With a variety of experience rates and the ability to play ironman mode YOU choose the level of difficulty you want allowing yourself your own unique challenge. Is lonewolf not your style? That's okay, make some friends and form a clan. With a functioning clan system you can climb the ranks and have noobs begging for invites! Links Darkan Website Discord Client Download World Map Highscores Content Media
  2. [quote name='excellent']LOOOOL this is mine? i can give proof that i sold u my source n you scammed me but it will be now released big boy.[/QUOTE] This is actually mine. I knew it looked familiar. It's all identical down to my copypasta with static { for (DungeonReward monster : DungeonReward.values()) monsters.put(monster.slotId, monster); } calling the dungeonreward variable monster because I am lazy. I'm offended that this Tylerr guy would even put his own name at the top of the file to be honest. I can see you also are using my really shitty dungeoneering system leaked out in my source as well. The one with 3 rooms with an npc in each one, boss being in the last one.
  3. Ironic you got hacked? LOL

  4. [quote name='zerapk']looks flat,[/QUOTE] You wanna get off on cartoon boobs or something? Trolololol
  5. Scan it bitch and stop making assumptions. Fucking pisses me off when people make these out of the blue assumptions with no immediate proof..
  6. Makar


    What part? The idiot who stole my RL account? Or the herb cleaning not having an animation in Runescape. Cause herb cleaning doesnt have an animation last time I checked.
  7. I lied about the packet fucks rofl. I just wanted to see if someone would make a lie post saying they fixed it just like you did lol. Thanks for making my day a bit better after having my real RL account stolen.
  8. Makar


    [quote name='Cart']Or you can just not share your password?[/QUOTE] I trusted him.. He was one of my Mods.. Trust me lol, I am very picky when picking staff.
  9. [quote name='Security Cop']LOl, i try running his webclient and says unsafe, HEY GUYS LETS TEST THIS![/QUOTE] Thats a new Java feature rofl. All my webclient is is Dkk's 562/662 client jarred. @Dyrus Thanks man :) I put several things in here that will keep people from just taking it and hosting it without at least doing a little bit of work :P There is a dupe, a login password error, and a couple little packet fucks lol.
  10. [quote name='Vesta Main']why is nex in g.e lol[/QUOTE] Cause it doesn't work. I know Leeet. He was a donor on my server along with my Mod who recently turned on me for this server rofl. He changed the pass on my RL account. I am trying to get admin help. Trust me. Leeet can't code. This won't get further than any other Mezzy leech. Leeet asked me how to change the Mezzyscape next to a name when you enter clan chat rofl..
  11. HAHA! Allstar was the best! Uber dupage and insta 99s lol. NO ECONOMY whatsoever.
  12. Makar


    [quote name='hellman2741']Nice! I'd like to point out that cleaning herbs doesn't have an animation.[/QUOTE] He means it literally doesn't have an animation. Go on Runescape and clean an herb. I can't do it right now to prove it since my main Titandino is in debt to Jagex for getting free membership (don't even ask..). On Topic Related to me: I tried adding this but the only potions that work are the Guam potion (unf) and the Attack potion. None of the others work for some reason. Anyone got an idea why? And when I clean an herb, it gives me 9 cleaned ones instead of 1. Off Topic: Runelocus, please get a better account recovery system.. I cannot recover my Titandino account because one of my staff members who recently turned on me decided "hey, wouldn't it be funny to change Trent's runelocus password and then post an advertisement for my shitty Mezzy leech!" He also removed the email from the account so I can't recover it period.. Gonna have to PM an admin.. AGAIN.. Can't you admins add a secret question system to the account recovery so that if your account is STOLEN and not FORGOTTEN, you can still recover it?