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  1. What do you mean "who ru" [email protected]

  2. Would remember you anyday. I loved you when I was a kid, I saw you all the time like 2 -3 years ago.

  3. [quote name='z0mg beast']long time no see.[/QUOTE] yea its been a while, glad im remembered by somebody :]
  4. wassup newfag

  5. look so... 'futuristic' lol maybe its just cause im used to the 474 gameframes
  6. about time i found a server with old graphics, but then i saw x10 hits, nty sorry
  7. MSN: [email][email protected][/email] What Position: programmer Coding Exp: 4 years Why Do you Want to Join: because with school coming up i dont have time to run my an entire server by myself Have you Ever Been apart of a Server: runeplasma is my old project that got 20 players on the second day. some info id like to know: how dedicated to this project are you? what base are you using? what forums are you using? how do you plan on hosting the server? what are your plans for the server - content wise?
  8. [quote name='FormationX']ill do it for rsgp[/QUOTE] wow.. find in actionhandler [code]public void firstClickNpc(int i)[/code] add in the npc and make it require playerrights to open [code] case ####: if(c.playerRights >= #){ c.getShops().openShop(##); } else { c.sendMessage("You must be have mod powers or above to access this shop.") } break; [/code]