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  1. Great server, loads of new items also great staff and friendly community.
  2. I'm ready and available to send beta keys now.
  3. [quote name='Ishana']Looks pretty much like WoW with some ideas taken from LoL, might give it a try one day though :) How big is it? file size I mean[/QUOTE] Umh, 1,67Gb i think i remember.
  4. If no1 want this game, i might aswell just delete this thread.
  5. Btw, i can share screen meanwhile i'm sending the Beta Code, to show that this is not a scam. I'll also let a Mod or VMM see my screen while doing it.
  6. Hey! So if anyone of you know the new game Smite, you'll know it's a Beta game atm. The game is like League of Legends, but in thirdperson. [QUOTE]SMITE is an online battleground between mythical gods. Inspired by DoTA (Defense of the Ancients) but instead of being above the action you are IN the action. Close third-person camera instead of RTS view. Move with WASD instead of clicking on a map. Detailed graphics and visual FX. Action combat, dodging, and AIMING.[/QUOTE] Smite: [url]https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/[/url] Here's a little gameplay: [video=youtube;lJk0idhG-qI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJk0idhG-qI&feature=player_embedded#![/video] If you'd like the game, just press Thanks on this thread, and post your email. When i see your email, i will send you the Beta Code, and tell you to check your Inbox in your Email. - If you got problems installing the game I will help you.
  7. I could use that computer. - Would you be able to build one for me, and somehow send it to Denmark? :-D
  8. Cool, to bad it's so dark so we can't really see what's happening.
  9. The favorite idea wouldn't work out well... - Many servers have Autovote, and if they choose to vote directly from RuneLocus, they wouldn't be able to recieve their reward, as they didn't add their username anywhere. So the autovote system wouldn't recognize their name.
  10. JabzZ

    Prayer Glitch Fix?

    That's for a PI...
  11. JabzZ

    noting runs for me

    Start off with a 317 PI Source, that's alot easier. Also, use a No-ip, and check if you portforwarded correctly: [url]www.canyouseeme.org[/url] write in "43594" and see if the port is open. If you need more help, just send me a PM.
  12. JabzZ

    Forget Java Code

    Chance java.exe to javac.exe EDIT: Didn't see Storm allready wrote this, sorry...
  13. No, how can that be true? S U O M I is me.. I can prove it: Username S U O M I / [email][email protected][/email] Password Ibothard
  14. JabzZ

    Butterscape Client

    Cars on a fucking server? TROLOLOL