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  1. Hey Storm add me on skype : tetreeoflife21 I need some help with the DS source & client please. Please add me COME ON!!

  2. Loved playing this server back in 2012, gonna check it out for sure
  3. Stormy your a scrub & DeathlySouls is back up. DeathlySouls.Org (Champ is owner)

  4. post your query, post the code where you call the method to save HS
  5. dont use :: or ;; in the admin console, some matrix servers allow the use of ;; instead of ::
  6. try this for your path to java: [code]"C:/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe"[/code] NOTE: JDK is for compiling
  7. it depends on the client, most time you put the cache at your username folder
  8. [quote name='shershah']No everything is correct. Passwords also.[/QUOTE] something is wrong, check the username or the password, because, it cant login
  9. Access denied for user 'syclonep_mib'@'localhost' (using password: YES), you got the wrong password
  10. around 1 september
  11. how about you post the error, we cant help without knowing the error
  12. settigns --> in the left you see a list of settings find my profile, under that find edit profile picture, edit avatar