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  1. [quote name='I D3stroy I']The server progression is coming along great, I can't wait to see the whole project finished though. Will you be hosting this, or releasing?[/QUOTE] They're planning on making a website and have scheduled a deadline before a public beta. My guess is they're hosting it. But yeah the progress looks great. No doubt I'll have a look when you're public.
  2. Garbage collection is a pretty heavy task for the JRE. Are you sure you want to do this every time you update the players online?
  3. Not bad. Though at first sight I noticed you declared both the class and several methods within with the final modifier. Just a tip; there's no need to declare a method final if the class already is. Other than that, looks good for a PI/Delta-ish server. EDIT: Note that fields should still be declared final if there's no need to change their values.
  4. I agree that the screen size is purely personal preference. [quote name='Toonshorty']Have you ever used Android properly?[/QUOTE] That what you said right there, is the exact reason why iPhone is so ridiculously strong in it's feet; there is no such question for an iPhone. Any way you use it, you always use it right. There is no "If you use it like this and that, it'll be faster" crap. Simplicity is power, and simplicity is exactly what Android is missing. [quote name='Toonshorty']It's partly what I love about Android, every release makes it stronger, it feels different but in a good way - it takes the phones further.[/QUOTE] That'd be because Android is following the footsteps of competing OS's, especially (or specifically) iOS. Only thing Android does with it though, is mess it up to confuse customers so much to the point that they think it's great to have a shitload of complicated features they'll never use anyways. [quote name='Toonshorty']Compare the original iOS to iOS 5 - not much has really changed.[/QUOTE] You've obviously missed some features, please compare again.
  5. [quote name='Toonshorty']People are still buying phones with 800MHz processors and 3.5" screens? My HTC Desire is two years old now and has a 1GHz processor and 3.7" screen. Really, the Google Nexus Prime is due out soon. Was going to launch today but they delayed it as a way of paying respects to Steve Jobs. It'll have a 1.5GHz Dual Core, 4.65" 720p screen and the new version of Android (4.0). The prime will be a similar price to the 4S, but the Prime dominates it. 1.5GHz Dual Core vs 800MHz Dual Core (Prime may be 1.2GHz, still faster) 3.5" Screen vs 4.65" Screen (Remember that the new version of android will have the phones physical buttons on the OS now, similar to Android 3.0 Honeycomb so the screen will only feel like a 4.2 - 4.3" phone like the Sensation or Galaxy S2.) 1GB RAM vs 512MB RAM I feel sorry for the idiots that buy the iPhone 4S thinking they are buying the latest technology.[/QUOTE] And yet still with all the 1.5GHz Dual Core crap in the phones you just mentioned, the iPhone continues to be rated the best smartphone in world. The reason it doesn't have any more than 800MHz is clearly because [B]it doesn't need it.[/B] And about the screen size, I'd prefer a tinier 3.5" over those huge-ass screens any time. It's a phone, not a fucking cinema.
  6. [quote name='Faab234']Anyone thought that iPhone 4s stands for "iPhone for/from Steve"?[/QUOTE] I don't think the people at Apple meant it to be that way as in they didn't name it 4S specifically for Steve Jobs (referring to the "3GS" a couple of years back), but it's definitely something that comes to mind now..
  7. [quote name='Zykev2']It doesn't mean there product isn't a fail, just there marketing is a win. Apple has the Technology market by the balls, when they make a new product people will buy it simply because its the newest thing out and in this day and age people have to have the newest things even if there isn't much difference between what you have and what is on the market now. I bet you Apple could market a used condom put there logo on it and people would buy it. Don't get me wrong I'm no Android fanboy or Apple hater I'm just being a realist.[/QUOTE] Of course it's all marketing strategy.. But the 4S is mainly there to attract new iPhone customers, not to make the current ones upgrade. The current iPhone 4 users will have the iPhone 5 exactly at the time when their current contract with their provider ends; July-August 2012 is just about exactly 2 years after the iPhone 4 launch, making it the ideal time to renew user contracts with the iPhone 5. Even though current iPhone 4 users are probably disappointed about the 4S release, most of them probably wouldn't have bought it anyways. Purely because they still have a small year of their current contract pending, whereas users of the 3GS have the possibility to renew their contracts with a 4S as well as new iPhone users who would've gotten an iPhone anyways. I bet you that at least half of that million that were pre-ordered in the first 24 hours came from new iPhone users, not current ones. On top of that, this is not the right time for competitors to get themselves into shit like BlackBerry is having that crap with BlackBerry Messenger, which is an analog joke of a feature anyways. People will eventually be prepared to spend more money to get the real 3rd-millennium innovations instead of allowing a harmfully obsolete technology to have an additional 5 minutes of life. And don't get me wrong, I'm not an Apple fanboy or Android/RIM hater. I too am just being a realist.
  8. Even as the news of Steve Jobs's passing spread even faster than the release of the iPhone 4S, and Apple's stock values were dropping like crazy for a couple of days, Apple's new smartphone seems to be breaking all records so far.. The iPhone 4 was groundbreaking, and statistics show that people like the 4S even more. [I]"Apple announced pre-orders of its iPhone 4S have topped [B]one million in the first 24 hours[/B], surpassing the previous single day pre-order record of 600,000 held by the iPhone 4."[/I] Source: [url]http://www.beaconequity.com/smw/13225/Apple-s-iPhone-4S-breaks-iPhone-4-s-record[/url] (url found through [URL=http://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:AAPL]Google Finance[/URL]). This news had a great impact on Apple's stock value, as they were rising with a good 5% today. I guess the iPhone 4 Steve is once again proving a lot of people wrong.. What do you all think? Will the iPhone 4S break all records which its predecessor had set at such a high level? Opinions please. :D
  9. [quote name='i own u kid']Why am I not surprised there's a thread on this? I guess if it's on the news, someone thinks they have to post it on here.[/QUOTE] Maybe it's because on a forum which is mostly about programming, a genius in the programming world such as Steve Jobs is considered quite a known person. No wonder his death is big news in all communities. On top of that, the world's most famous persons have reacted in grief to hear of his death. Pretty much all governments in the world, but also a lot of competitors and affiliates. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and many more have let the world know how much they respected and/or loved him.. "[I]He was brave enough to think differently, bold enough to believe he could change the world, and talented enough to do it.[/I]" Barack Obama
  10. [quote name='Codeusa']Why are you making worse what was fine?[/QUOTE] Was that aimed to me or the other guy?
  11. Okay, is it me or does that post make no sense at all? :/
  12. The Eternity

    Got a Tattoo

    Got mine a couple of months ago.. Stands for: [B]Brothers Friendship Loyalty[/B] [img]http://i.imgur.com/dTqfT.jpg[/img] My 2 brothers have the very same thing.
  13. [quote name='Ghost']Release stuff a lot of people use, or just be very proficient w/ programming and post codes noone knows how to use. Take Sanity & Project Insanity for example. Or if you own a big server or help a lot of people, or sell cool stuff...It's just doing what other's can't.[/QUOTE] I believe those sources made their creators more infamous than famous. [quote name='Mystic Flow']He got into Cambridge, he has better things to do then waste his time w/ RSPS[/QUOTE] Isn't he still working on Apollo? [quote name='Mystic Flow']No .. he's in the university, I hate it when people make the Jagex reference[/QUOTE] I hate it when people act like Jagex is owned by the devil. -.- I think a user doesn't gain 'fame' only by their programming experience and contributions. I think friendliness and selflessness have a major impact on a user's popularity, i.e. a user might not be that experienced in programming, but his/her devotion and friendliness to others are so high that people remember the name anyways.
  14. A girl's looks wouldn't matter to me if she has a perfect personality. Problem is, it is the eye that does the first step. So if her looks aren't that well, it becomes a lot harder for you to get to know each other.
  15. [quote name='Anadyr']what the fuck is this shit? there has been many evenmanager clones that are just a look alike to grahams but this shit is l0000l funny[/QUOTE] Because Graham's EventManager pointed out it's very concept. You can't expect completely different ones if the final purpose is the same for all of them. Besides, it's not like Graham writes amazing and perfect code either, so why not take a shot in writing an improved/similar one?.