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  1. I can do this, PM me. i wona find out more :)
  2. Hi, Their was this dude (who's know quit) who claimed I scammed him, this accusation was squashed due to him having absolutely NO proof at all. He spammed the shit outta my thread, so would it be possible if you could delete all the posts accusing me of scamming on the thread? I'll never be able to sell my acocunt with those accusations, to someone who does not know the guy doesn't like me that's why he did it, they'll think im a genuine scammer. thanks, Link to thread:http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?55518-Selling-Account-(three-99-stats)-CHEAP!

  3. Ok, will be 10mins, gotta boot laptop up :)

  4. I suggest you delete all the minigames/npc's/monsters/teleports. .. .. Then release it. Just a clean base with decent combat, and let people make something out of it.. It will stop leachers and you'll still get to keep the unique version of RegretScape.
  5. I've almost finished my 2007 RS re-make. It's going to be Spawn & PK, as this was voted for by the community on my server forums. Anyways, I need an opinion from RuneLocus now... If you happened to play my server, would you prefer it you could... [LIST] [*]Only allowed to stay in Edge & Go to the wild to PK. [*]Be able to PK in the wildy, and walk about the whole server, just using Lummy as home (like RS in 2007) But please bear in mind that you can't train Non-Combat skills or walk to a minigame. [*]Have a custom area, Example: Varrock bank safe area, outside varrock bank is a PVP area. [/LIST] Please choose ONE from the 3 above in the poll, feel free to comment with your reply!
  6. NEVERMIND. Please close/delete this.
  7. [quote name='Jakec448']wth... im new? cheers like i was supposed to know[/QUOTE] Read the rules? But, it's commoan sense to not just keep posting the same stuff over and over as it's annoying and im sure you've heard of 'spamming'.
  8. GUYS I've chnaged my mind! I do NOT want shops to be safe.. The only safe spot is the BANK.
  9. [quote name='legacy508']Add my msn, I'll do it and for $20 I'll do more than just that :)[/QUOTE] Could you add like a pvp timer? If someone runs into the bank for the next 10 seconds they can still be attacked? and I've added you all, it's the first who responds guys :)
  10. Hi, I've made a post saying I wanted varrock bank as a server, i found this to be stupid and got bad feedback.. so... Here's my new idea, anyone do it for me I'll pay $20 or 20 Mill :) The source is PI and 317 and I have the source & client already. pic: [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/x51mrn.jpg[/IMG] BTW, PLEASE MAKE THE STARTING AND RESPAWN POSITION IN THE SAFE ZONE (the bank)