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  1. Thanks bro. Helped me with cleaning commands. This was a sick idea for paying that way. Shows you really care.
  2. Like the banner except you should make it a bit darker eh? Also love the server! great job.
  3. holy crap!! this server is amazing!! it just needs more people
  4. Can you help me code a GE?
  5. 7th Defiance is Going to be amazing! Can't wait!!!
  6. YxlWU.jpg Shouldn't scam people :\
  7. still up for grabs email me!!!
  8. Anyone else wanna do it? All i have gotten is scammers and people who don't reply hah
  9. Would you like to do it tho? You can do it on your own time.
  10. haha yea me too bro haha
  11. its legit.. what would u like as a down payment