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  1. hey dudes i need help pls some one geve me korasi code for 317 server! :)
  2. still want to buy my account 56 usd if so i need it soon cause i forgot my gfs birthday and need a present soon offer will go to you or the other guy who offered first response

  3. [quote name='Sick`']Member updates are dumb, too. The game was PERFECT back in the day, when the best armor was Barrow's, in my opinion.[/QUOTE] Best thing that i liked back then was verac with a ags looked sexyy :D
  4. High-level herbalists can now create prayer renewal potions. These concoctions restore a sizeable sum of prayer points over the course of five minutes; great for when your prayer points are looking low, but there’s not an altar in sight. Of course, you’ll still have your super prayer potions for when you need an instant boost in the heat of battle, but the prayer renewal potion restores roughly 25% more prayer points than the super prayer potion does and is tradable, making it a cost-effective, widely obtainable way to cater for your prayer needs in the field. Brewing a prayer renewal potion requires the following: Level 94 Herblore A fellstalk herb, which can be grown by level 91 farmers. A morchella mushroom, which can be grown by level 74 farmers. The seeds and spores for fellstalk herbs and morchella mushrooms can be obtained from evil trees; Miscellania kingdom management; traded with other players; or can be found as drops from werewolves, mutated zygomites, ogre chieftains and high-level Slayer targets, among others. Mod Mark --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My opinion On this update , I really don't think this update was needed , there are already Prayer potions for High level players that they can use , Fagex aka Jagex could of done better like without spending so much time making a Potion that was not needed they should of updated something for free to play players such as Make them a new bow or make them a new potion all they have is Strength :P.... I don't like how they 10x the pray level i like the old times and how it was. Now this is just my opinion :D Tell me what you like or dislike about this Update.. Leave a comment Love -BaBu
  5. Babu


    I am Muslim , I love Islam <also knows as Muslim's> is because they are not like the other religion<s>. In muslim we do not change out holy book every couple of months as some of the other religion<s>. I respect all the religions out there but i think Muslim is the best because that is what i think no need to troll or anything this is what I THINK!
  6. exina

    bro wtf do you still want to buy it?

  7. Babu

    Borteritis scammed me

    Well i bought a account from Borteritis for 30m it didnt have any recovs or any e-mail regestration. I used it for 3-4 days and some how he recovered it back and when i contacted him in Msn he like fuck off and he went offline please Admins Ban that fucker :(
  8. Lets do it. Teamviewer ID and Pass. Pm me.

  9. Babu

    Utorrent PortFowarding

    Hey RuneLocus People I found out my router is crap so i cannot Port Foward it so can i use Utorrent insted? Please tell me the difference and if i could use it Thanks :D -Babu
  10. Well now i am back so wanna help me?

  11. I can, but you left, so ... Until next time.

  12. try this if (playerCommand.startsWith("resetdef") && c.playerRights >= 0 ) { if (c.inWild()) return; for (int j = 0; j < c.playerEquipment.length; j+) { if (c.playerEquipment[j] > 0) { c.sendMessage("Please take all your armour and weapons off before using this command."); return; } } try { int skill = 1; int level = 1; c.playerXP[skill] = c.getPA().getXPForLevel(level)+5; c.playerLevel[skill] = c.getPA().getLevelForXP(c.playerXP[skill]); c.getPA().refreshSkill(skill); } catch (Exception e){} }
  13. hmm with out model file its not possible
  14. hey bro Its Babu , when u finish the download please contact me via msn so we can talk abt the price and what u are doing my msn is -- [email protected]