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  1. You all helped thanks a bunch! just got a few other issues now hopefully ill get them sorted
  2. youse i have more information, i told him to run of the batch file and he said it said java is not regonised as a external file or some shit
  3. yes i have portforwarded and yes the port is successfully open, and yes i have no-ip can i send this to someone to see it works for them please loool i only want to play a little private server with my friends
  4. just clicking on the jar, should i send him the batch file?
  5. yeah I sent him its but it still tells him cant find the main class client, But it runs lovely for me im so confused
  6. no i definately did guys in the manifest i can get mine to run but when i send it to them it gives them tht what should i send with the client?
  7. My friend says the problem is could not find the main class: client. Please help I beggg lool
  8. no problem man, This is very annoying lol
  9. ohh, well could you help me out please big d?
  10. Ill happily pay you tht if you can get him working he just wont respond when i click him lol
  11. Basically cant get vannaka to talk when clicking on him can someone please tell me what to do in order for him to work? many thanks
  12. basically im a noob who hosts a lil server for just me and my friends to pk etc. And we want customs ive read into it and how its done and i believe I pretty much so understand what to do i mean i do not struggle following tuts but My client doesnt have a models folder? please help thankyou