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  1. [quote name='Carrscape']I am secretly Ikiliki.[/QUOTE] Nigger get on MSN?
  2. [quote name='mumups']If you manage to scam someone they deserve to be scammed[/QUOTE] Free money imo. XD
  3. I am "the WIZ" The only reason I made this account was so I could be free and actually troll, and not get in trouble. I did scam alot of people from this succesfull job. BUT IDC
  4. hey scammer this proof better !!PICS!!

  5. the wiz same he told to me

  6. I seriously disrespect you now, first you impost me, now you saying you made the forums for a guy? what the hell man. Your respect is lost & dont ever msg me.

  7. That's nothing? That's easily edited roflmfao

  8. what you want /showthread.php?51918-scamm-FormationX&p=462457#post462457

  9. Uh? With what kid? Ahh your RuneSkyPenguin? Umad? Lol

  10. nice try i will upload the pic here. + you told you did in msn you have 10 min to come back on msn our you have big probs

  11. Lol? I didnt even trade you mate.

  12. he is a scammer i got proof