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  1. Play Now Website Discord Vote Store NewPlayer Special - All New Players Will Recieve a Great Rare Goodiebag 1/12 + a extended Drop Rate Boost + Experience Doubled What is our main goal? ?Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help! We focus on providing content requested from the players. If you haven't played DragonStone and want to see what all the hype was about, you better give us a shot we just released. The wilderness is always active, fight against others and become the best pvper in-game. Earn all the blood money you can get and buy the best items. Player vs monster is a big thing on the server. Go slay with frmer. There are a lot of bosses, slay them all and become the best. iends or alone and become the best pv Skilling is balanced within the server to allow the Skillers to collect, gather and sell for a much more enjoyable gameplay. we made sure that the player experience is high and flawless. Features - Comming Soon Play Now Website Discord Vote Store
  2. Website Forums Play Now Discord What to look forward from RuneFlex. Our dedicated development team works around the clock to provide our players with quality updates that the community has suggested. We have a very friendly and helpful staff team that are dedicated to helping and assisting you, theyre always there to assist you in any way possible. Why choose us RuneFlex plans to be around for years, a lot of people want to join a server knowing that the server isnt just going to close in a week. Who wants to dedicate time to a server thats going to be down shortly We plan on being around for years, we have a dedicated team that want this server to thrive, this server isnt going anywhere anytime soon. We have a custom PVM Ranking system, your rank will go up automatically upon reaching a certain amount of npc kills, each rank has perks We have a very friendly and experienced community, if youre a new player, dont hesitate to ask any questions Most custom servers shy away from the RangeMage aspect, and focus mainly on Melee. RangeMage is very viable on RuneFlex, plenty of players prefer the MageRange route. - All 25 Skills - Auction House - Friendly Community - IronmanUltimate Ironman Gamemode - Well Of Goodwill - 100 Achievements - Amazing Donator Benefits - Custom PVM Ranking System - Lag Free 247 Hosted - 100 Clan System - NPC Drop Tables - Custom Clue Scrolls - Auto VoteDonate - Custom Items - Custom Bosses - Custom NPCSs - Custom Pets - Shooting StarEvil Tree - Custom Minigames - Hiscores - Active Forums - Dedicated StaffDevelopment Team - Numerous bosses - Abbadon - Triobros - Abyzou heartwrencher - Iktomi the trickster - Cyrisus - Direwolf - Wildywyrm spawns every two hours) - Many custom items - Many custom pets - GWD2 was in the making just need to add 2 more bosses with drops - Fixed banning/muting with a unique system - Wilderness Resource area with custom ore and a smithing system (didnt finish it though) - Great Kourend map - Inferno map - OSRS revenants caves - Working Toxic blowpipe (With charge/uncharge/loading system) - Unique upgrading system - Player owned shops - Custom items/Monsters - 20+ Bosses - Boss points - Boss pets - Trivia points/Shop - Evil Tree - Crashed Star - Npc Drop Table - Kill log - Drop log - Duo slayer - Bank tabs - Working cannon - Money pouch (Goes past 2b cash) - Revenant Town (high wildy) - Curses/Quick Prayers - All skills trainable - Working clue scrolls - Much Much more [/SPOILER] Website Forums Play Now Discord