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  1. I hear SO many problems with Hamachi. Like I can't even count that high, not to mention all you have to do for no-ip is sign up, download it, and run it. When you want your server on, just run no-ip. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
  2. Yeah, how much are you paying?
  3. funny, i was thinking of searching this and trying to find an answer because the other day i was trying to give someone a website through " yell _____" in the control panel and i couldn't do it haha. if you find the answer can you help me next or point me in the right direction? [quote name='SkrilleX']That's why you make a "." command second.[/QUOTE] What do you mean by this?
  4. I'm not sure, but I'm 99.91% sure there's a tutorial on this. Search "one click NPC" and see what you come up with
  5. Make sure you're giving them the right files too. go to the status checker in runelocus and see if it says you're online also
  6. [quote name='Broly']Ive seen you before, you can't even " "Search" button "[/QUOTE] ^^^ That's a YOKE. When i first joined I never did, always relied on others for help, but now I think it's actually faster and sometimes more helpful just to look up other people's questions and mistakes.
  7. Tons of guides on this. "Search" button. Good luck
  8. [quote name='thuglord009'] Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 19143 [/QUOTE] Start there. look for the item "19143" which happens to be the Saradomin Bow, make sure the code is right
  9. Hey bud, I'm new at all this too, and the first thing I was told was to scroll all the way to the top, click the text box, type in some keywords, and click "Search". If you still can't find it after looking through five pages of posts then ask on here. It'll save everyone from repeating the same question. Trust me, the answer to this is out there, because I found it with the search box. Good luck =)
  10. Havoxscape

    Dragon Claws

    TKOScape 562 loading 659 Dclaws Don't start by flaming about the search bar, I have been using it and I've looked through almost every thread and tried almost ever one of the ideas Well my claws used to work fine, but i seem to be having a problem again. This is my code [code] case 14484: p.graphics(1950, 0); p.animate(10961, 0); int dclaw1 = meleeDamage/2;int dclaw2 = meleeDamage/4;int dclaw3 = meleeDamage/8; if (meleeDamage == 0) { dclaw1 = calculateMelee(p, p2); dclaw2 = dclaw1/2; dclaw3 = dclaw1/8; } if (meleeDamage == 0 && dclaw1 == 0) { dclaw2 = calculateMelee(p, p2); dclaw3= dclaw2/8; } if (meleeDamage == 0 && dclaw1 == 0 && dclaw2 == 0) { dclaw3 = (calculateMelee(p, p2)/100); } final int[] fDclaw = {dclaw1, dclaw2, dclaw3}; World.getWorld().submit(new Tickable(1) { public void execute() { p2.hit(p, meleeDamage); World.getWorld().submit(new Tickable(1) { public void execute() { p2.hit(p, fDclaw[0]); p2.hit(p, fDclaw[1]); p2.hit(p, fDclaw[2]); this.stop(); } }); this.stop(); } }); break; [/code] I added the [code] dclaw3 = [COLOR="#00FF00"]([/COLOR]calculateMelee(p, p2)[COLOR="#00FF00"]/100);[/COLOR] [/code] so maybe that 1000 it hits would be lowered but that didn't work. My problem is my fourth hit is 1000+ every time I spec. Any suggestions?
  11. go to rushgamer.com/mapdata , then download it as a .txt (zipped) and then extract and replace the files in your mapdata/unpacked. then delete the old packed.dat and run your server
  12. [quote name='ultikiller20']What will you give for it? Im not saying for much[/QUOTE] if you have it just help the community.
  13. Do you see how it says "; expected" ? that means after some lines you need a semi-colon. like this [code] sm.blahblahblahblah; sm.blahblahblah; sm.blahblahblahblahblah; sm.blahblahblahblah; [/code] notice all of those have semi-colons ending them
  14. [IMG]http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/7923/sadfcf.png[/IMG]