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  1. Step 1: Make a new file called "FixMySpawns.html" Step 2: Type <a href="http://www.FixMySpawnsPlox.com">Fix my SPAWNSPLOX</a> Step 3: Save it as FixMySpawns.html , on ur desktop. Step 4: Double click the FixMySpawns.html file.
  2. Fuzen readd me on skype o.O OT: Goodluck nexy
  3. Xiles , did u stole this server to?
  4. Dikkekont


    [SIZE=3][COLOR="#FF0000"].. Xiles is stealing every1's source , don't ever work with him.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  5. [quote name='Xiles']I love how you rune-server fags come over here and find every post from me and say "terribly done" Please, get the fuck off.[/QUOTE] i love how you steal every source.
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  10. Try Loader.class , instead Loader.java