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  1. Awesome server and very well coded, GL
  2. Area

    Need Coder ( DETAIL )

    Edit : 50% Donations each month
  3. Area

    Need Coder ( DETAIL )

    Hello, Once again I am looking for a coder since my coder bailed on me. So if you want to help me here is some details on what you will recieve. Owner Status on my RSPS for as long as you can code for me. 50% Donations each month that the server is online with players on it. You can contact me through any of the below. [B]IM or Email me on MSN : [email][email protected][/email][/B] [B]PM me on Rune Locus : This account only please[/B] [B]Make a Chat Box : Send me the link to join[/B] [U] [B]I Already Have A Working VPS[/B][/U]
  4. Already got a coder - CLOSED
  5. If there is no hoster there is nothing to code
  6. Yes, I am hosting the server so they would be doing the work for nothing if there was no hoster...
  7. Ok PM me what you will need help with and I will see what I can do.
  8. I can host your server. I also have a VPS that I can use if the server has potential. I sent you a request on MSN "[email][email protected][/email]" accept me so we can IM and talk faster.
  9. I can help you out but I am trying to make a RSPS ATM so I may not be able to help you out alot.
  10. Mine Craft is better since RS has just gone to hell with all the bad updates
  11. Hello, I am making a new server called Area-69 and I am looking for a good coder. What I am offering you is a owner spot on my server and 25% of donation each month the server is online and working well. If you are interested or would like to know more about me or the server then you can do one of the below options. [B]1) PM Me on this Rune Locus account[/B] [B]2) IM or Email me at " [email][email protected][/email] "[/B] [B]I already have a working VPS that I can use on this server[/B]
  12. Nice server you have here. It could use better forums and webclient. You should also not be able to buy staff spots but that is up to you.
  13. Nice server I will be sure to check it out some time.