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  1. mumups

    xbox one or ps4?

    Get the Wii U instead.
  2. 31p for domains? This will save me quite a bit, thanks!
  3. Location: My Home Where I Do Live z0MG GRAMER NATZI FAIL:

  4. [quote name='Ikiliki']Do everyone a favor and stop hanging out the grammar nazi. I'm sure people understood me, even you, the grammar nazi, did.[/QUOTE] y0u c4n und3r5stanz thi5. Doesn't mean you should talk like that though - whether people can understand it or not...
  5. I can guarantee you are not the most reliable hosting around...
  6. [quote name='lynx12']If you are able to give your life defending you're country, then you should be able to enjoy a nice beer, but otherwise it should stay the same. As for marijuana being called a drug, it's not, nor is it addictive, and studies show that it can actually improve the life of any patient recovering from cancer or aids, my grandfather just died yesterday from dehydration and lack of nourishment because he lost all desire to eat because of chemo-therapy. Marijuana gives those suffering people the want to eat and drink, it also prevents several types of cancer, and can improve driving habits (believe it or not). I know that was off topic but i had to alleviate the urban legends about marijuana from the post.[/QUOTE] the only people that take marijuana are fucking idiots. Have not met one intelligent person who takes drugs, they're all tramps that know fuck all. That's my proof that marijuana is bad. now piss off
  7. [quote name='Ikiliki']I understand. But teaching people how to hack is not the right thing to do on a forum full of 14 year old children who're only seeking for fights with their competitors. The report board is the proof. People need to be directly [B]teached[/B] to defend themselves, they just don't want to take the time for it. If they're under attack, they want to fight back.[/QUOTE] taught*
  8. Hey, anyone wanna share some club nintendo points with me that they don't want and haven't used? Thanks guys :D EU ones only please
  9. mumups

    RS2 Beta

    "RS2 BETA" hiw creative a name is that>
  10. [B]Wii [I]U[/I][/B] [U]NOT[/U] Wii
  11. How could you not find anything about Wii U? It dominated E3 last year and will this year. You know the console with the touch screen in it? How can you not find anything on a NINTENDO console release!?
  12. No this is the Wii U NOT the Wii. Wii U is expected to be released November. Search it up, it looks really nice
  13. Yeah, I found it whilst googling about the Wii U. If you want an active website Wiiudaily.com is really good
  14. Thoughts? [url]http://thisiswiiu.com/runescape-could-be-coming-to-wii-u/1893/[/url]