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  1. [CENTER][URL="http://scapez.net"][img]http://scapez.net/img/logo.png[/img][/URL][/CENTER] [URL="http://scapez.net/"]ScapeZ Website[/URL] [URL="http://scapez.net/forums/"]ScapeZ Forum[/URL] [B][U]The Aim:[/U][/B] Around the world of ScapeZ you can find lots of different items, weapons and armour in houses and containers such as crates. You are in a post apocolypse world and everything you can find is of value, whether it be a shrimp or an almighty godsword, take everything you find. You are not alone, there are zombies all over ScapeZ which will cause quite a lot of havoc. This makes scavenging a challenge as you may need to rampage though a horde of zombies in order to reach some loot. You are always at risk of being killed by other players around the world of ScapeZ, on death you lose all of your carried items. Players who have attacked other people first are known as bandits and will have a "B" above their head. This is the fun part, once you have aquired some items you should think about trying to hunt down other players. Killing players for all of their items is probably the best way to gain gear. [B][U]The Safe Zone[/U][/B] The safe zone is where you begin your journey. It is safe from zombie and player attacks. This is where you can prepear for entering the post apocolypse world of ScapeZ! The vault is similar to the bank of runescape in the way that you can store items. It has a capacity of 40 different item slots and you will be able to expand that up to 100 with future donation packages. You can only access the vault within the safe zone. There are several traders in the safe zone offering a wide variety of items for sale. You can gain money to spend with the traders from zombie drops or find it around the world in small quantitys. [B][U]Zombies[/U][/B] These zombies are not your average slow zombie, they are fast, running and aggresive zombies that won't stop at anything to kill you. There are several ways to stop zombies reaching you. These include placing barricades that you find or buy from traders, lighting fires to burn the zombies as they stop on them. Using special ranged weapons such as the magic shortbow to slow them down. When you kill a zombie, they can drop items such as medical supplys, weapons, armours, defensive items and money. These can be used for yourself or to be traded with other players. [B][U]Media[/U][/B] [spoiler="Login Screen as of now (Still being changed)"] [img]http://scapez.net/loginscreen.png[/img][/spoiler] [spoiler="GameFrame"] Coming soon[/spoiler] [B][U]Updates[/U][/B] 21/12/2012 02:12 GMT - Media of login screen added. 21/12/2012 02:12 GMT - Thread added.
  2. I would say a 317 such a PI to grasp the knowledge of java. That's what I did. Then move on to creating your own.
  3. I am trying to start my rsps server up on my ubuntu linux vps, i have tryed many tutorials and none of them have worked for me :( If anyone could help fix this over teamviewer i will be grateful. I will pm my teamviewer details to whoever can help. Thanks - Max