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  1. Just came back. Can't believe this still exists. Can't believe i'm this old and still here. I imagined i would move into doing adult stuff and never look back.
  2. People make sadistic jokes all the time. It's quite funny that it has been taken so far but i guess nowadays you can't take any risks. Who would wanna go on a shootout at Jagex HQ anyway? What a pointless target.
  3. Such a shitty community. The same things are being posted over and over again. Fucking trolls.
  4. Nat

    Ever Happen to You?

    [quote name='Aros']I work in a shop, and i get it all the time, i just say "Ermm if you go ask her over there, im sure she can help yuo" and walk away, rofl[/QUOTE] ^This lol
  5. When visiting [url]www.goblinscape.com[/url], it says: ''You are seeing this page because the system administrator of 000webhost.com is currently checking this website [B]for malicious content[/B]. This redirect page will be removed once we finish manually checking all files on this account. Since we check over 100 websites per day, it can take about 2-4 hours to complete. If you are the owner of this website, you will get an email confirmation once it's done. If you are a visitor, please come back later. '' P.S. Unauthorised access to online accounts whether it is your bank account or your RuneScape account is a criminal offence, it is illegal in the UK under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, and the USA’s Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 1986 as well as equivalent legislation in many other countries around the world. Jagex have already successfully pursued a RuneScape hijacker in the UK using the above law. You can read about it on the BBC news website [url]http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/8386003.stm[/url] I wish i was able to take action against this bitch. Thanks for all your help and kindness everyone. I have started malwarebytes and i have zero objects infected so far. I also started Ccleaner and everything is cleaned. Wish me luck. I hate to beg and ask for donations but jet since i lost a huge amount of money. i would be glad to receive any donations.
  6. [quote name='Divine']What's the URL? I've always wanted to try SQL injection / Defacement / other.[/QUOTE] Check my first post. [url]www.goblinscape.com[/url] If you find anything then please let me know by posting on this thread.
  7. [quote name='0r4nge ownz']Do you have your firewall down? if so, that could have gave you a virus. The best thing to do, get AVG and scan your computer. Also, check your process, see if anything's running that shouldn't be or looks suspicion.[/QUOTE] My firewall is on. I personally find that AVG sucks. This laptop isn't even mine. It is lended to see if it was good enough to purchase. Omy, if the guy finds this out, ima die.
  8. [quote name='Skiddies'][url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drive-by_download[/url] I used to do this all the time, I keylogged tons of people and stole tons of accounts, this was before I came here. I also made phishing sites that were legit I did alot of RS hacking in the day ;)[/QUOTE] I hate hackers and scammers. I don't see the point of it. I was able to scam and hack in the past but i never did because i always felt sad because that person worked for it and you just came by and stole all of that. I hope that someone will once steal something from you in real life and then you will realize.
  9. [quote name='Skiddies']this is true, But even the windows firewall would catch it because its a forced download onto your computer. unless he had it disabled he would of caught it[/QUOTE] I appreciate all the help and kindness but i am quite sure that there was not a pop up. It was just an image. Thats all. Nothing more. Any idea what i can do?
  10. I haven't downloaded anything so how was he able to get my account password? How am i able to get a keylogger while i haven't downloaded anything?
  11. This is runescape related. I was at the grand exchange and some guy was advertising goblinscape.com I was like, *Lol goblinscape. It is probably a fail website like webs.com* So i typed it in and visited it. There was just simply a picture with a dog troll. You can't typ so i didn't gave my accounts name and password. After a few minutes someone logged into my account and stole almost everything. That hijacker forgot 225k nats in the grand exchange. *lol* Jet i lost about 80m worth of stuff. I did not know that you are able to get hacked by just visiting a site. Also, my account is very secure. It has never been hacked since i created it, 4 years ago. I use letter and number combinations as my password. But how was he able to hack my account just cause i visited a site? How is that fucking possible? And how can i secure my computer now? Because i also saw that he logged into my noob account, quickly after he took everything on my main. I did not download anything and i never download from any non trusted websites. Please, any help is appreciated.
  12. Phase 2 is out, please all go vote with all your accounts!
  13. Here's a sneak peek for the new upcoming website. I like the new web design. I personally believe that the one below is way much better then the previous websites they've created. More info; http://services.runescape.com/m=devblog/view_post.ws?post_id=105
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