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  1. [quote name='JaguarNCS']Welcome back dude. I'm Superscape/fly if you remember me.[/QUOTE] Rings a bell, Can't remember exactly..
  2. Haven't been on here for a year or so, haven't been active for 2 Only the old fags will know me
  3. Are you fucking stupid? It's the only username for xat, it has the minimal amount of letters (4 letters in the min you go) which makes it rare.
  4. Watcha Mean? If your talking about the username "Cure" For xat, i brought that and that's the login name.
  5. DJBladeRoxx

    Xat ( Account)

    Hey guys, I couldn't find a spot where there are selling of miscellaneous, but i know alot of people use xat. I am selling my xat account because i have quit rsps, i got a screenie of it here. [url]http://prntscr.com/6hl7n[/url] The shortname on it is rare, cost me 11k xats Offers wud be nice :) If you want proof of the account, pm me and ill talk to you. I know this may be the wrong section, but i can't find any other place to sell it...
  6. Sorry for late post lmao, i dont hate it. Kinda busy with irl shit

  7. wait u hate runelocus? y?

  8. I quitted this shit o.o

  9. Sup? How are you?

  10. Support, people post bump's for post count aswell, which is wrong -__-
  11. Dude don't add anything else to the footer! It's so fucking amazing! Awesome job!
  12. What did the hackers do?

  13. DJBladeRoxx

    Free money

    Wtf? I live in australia and i'm 16. I don't get paid for going to school. Lies..
  14. All i asked for is skyrim (Which i played = Jizzed, elder scroll fan <3) and a new ipod touch.