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  1. nobody will download you client from addfy, you wont recieve a cent from us [ATTACH=CONFIG]10236[/ATTACH]
  2. played the server for a week quited because the online was 2-3 peoples, idk what about now but... btw still on the highscores :D Good luck with server
  3. looks cool, gotta check :) ------------------------------------------------- jar client wont open
  4. Damn,look's good ill check it out:D
  5. Great comment man, dont show me my mistakes i know where they are, if you want to look cooler with showing my grammar mistakes gtfo, ok ?
  6. great you just changed the home, spreaded the shops and added nothing! Keep Up The Good Work Lul
  7. Media, dl link?:D
  8. [quote name='deano990']Update: Custom donator ranks. And I have taken over as owner for ever. So come join us now :) We are looking for a stable balance of players and Staff members[/QUOTE] What about Jack?:D
  9. Cant play, when i connect to home and after 1 sec dc:) i think because of the red giant or something? Error [IMG]http://i697.photobucket.com/albums/vv334/ivladi124/4e82ee16.jpg[/IMG] :o
  10. title say everything, want to play rs again but i have horrible lagg i have like 11 fps only:o before i had like 20+ and could play with no lagg but now cant do anything:*( i tryed all game modes (direct x etc) but still have the same lagg/ someone know any program to make more fps. dont tell to buy new pc etc.
  11. hello, hope this is right thread is there any 667 itemslist? java one, if so can someone post link:o
  12. ffs 7 vs 1 how can that be possible omg? when they in company they like oh ye we can beat anyone when they alone they cant do shit,they *should go to jail*