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  1. joeri

    PI T2 error 34,126,126

    still need this help please :D
  2. hey jonasingame i am from belgium to and i am coder so that would be alot easyer for contacting me my name is joeri i live in aarschot at vlaamsbrabant so... if you want more info here's my skype kill-zone2 see you soon
  3. [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2j4dpgk.png[/IMG] could someone explane why i get this when i log in thanks
  4. joeri

    looking for a hoster

    hey i am joeri and i am looking for a hoster that wanna start a project with me i am also looking for a web developer if there are people intrested for this plz reply skype: kill-zone2
  5. I can help you with that message me skype: kill-zone2
  6. for non public use. use port for public use. you need to portforward and its easy to do go to your search bar on the start menu then you type CMD. then you type in the CMD ipconfig and you scroll up an dthen you will see default Gateway . . . . . . and your router ip then what you do is type that router ip in your web browser and press enter. then you will get a small box where you need to put user name and password user name could be (admin) and password (password) example then if your log in then you will get the page of your router search for portforwarding click on it and then what you do is get back to your CMD type again ipconfig and search for Ipv4 address . . . . . your ip then what you do is type that ip in one of does portforwarding boxes you save and it should work if not contact me ;D
  7. you need to upload the cache. step one: download dropbox step two: zip the cache on the inside step three: upload the cache in the drop box folder public step four: copy the public link of your cache in the drop box folder public step five: change the link in the client side file (downloadcache) and in the file (client) step six: compile and run it should work :D
  8. joeri

    Login error

    [quote name='axter']Looooool. OT: get a new client[/QUOTE] lol no
  9. joeri

    Login error

    hey guy's when i wanted to login on my server today i get this error [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/2629338/Screenshot_18.png[/img] could someone plz tell me what the hell is rong?
  10. add me on skype kill-zone2
  11. joeri

    [317] Development Team

    il join this Name : joeri Age : 18 Spot Wanted : coder Experience In Area : everything Your MSN or SKYPE : skype = kill-zone2 msn = [email][email protected][/email]
  12. joeri

    [PI] Frost dragons

    what base do you got??
  13. joeri

    vote4cash help

    hey i added a vote4cash system :s but when a player vote he need to do ::claim or ::redeem ingame it works fine but somtimes people get this when they do ::claim or ::redeem you have not voted yet! but they voted but they dont get reward any idea how to fix this greetings joeri