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  1. signed- try looking up, Diane Silbaugh on google, she was my uncles wife, my uncle left for iraq and she starved some of his horses.. horrible what people do these days, its bullshit.. pethetic part of this is, my uncle didnt even divorce diane... thats just, just too sad. I will Never talk to him again, hes shunned in my family, practically. Putting the petition link as my facebook status. ;)
  2. which makes this a PI or? what base is this?
  3. RyanSi

    Rainbow Monkeys

    this very well could be published, i bet this is how Alice in Wonderland really got started.
  4. well the first thing u wanna do is list whether or not its a delta/pi base or revision 317/508 ect, then i could help u a little more, im pretty good with pi, check ur client for cache folder and then look for a raw folder - thats where all your models are.
  5. [QUOTE=360';372256]do you fancy working on a project with me jack or anyone, i need to learn a few differences between PI and delta :)[/QUOTE] try messing around with it if u dont see a difference then look closer pro release hard to find this with working links..