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  1. Okay bascally guys, i have made my private server.. i have my ip address and domain name put into my client. But when i go to my friends house it doesnt work! Will someone please come on within the next 2 hours just so i know it works for outsiders. When u are done leave me a post telling me it has worked, or it hasnt... Delete it after aswell if u want.. http://www.mediafire.com/?955b73p8b67jc84 Thanks Mr Pascal
  2. W00T.. Finally finished my runescape private server =D It contains loadssss of monsters to fight including working pvp working gwd kalphite queen chaos elemental castle wars shops tickets working drops and much much more To access this server please open a 508 client: download here http://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=349071.0 Once you have got it working visit this website for the i.p address http://pascalsworld.wordpress.com/about/ Hope you enjoy =D
  3. Runelocus mods are too strict about the rules. I got 3 of them points things when i started because i put something in "the wrong section" i think its bollocks!!! What do you think??
  4. yeah well i dont care tbh.. they dont listen
  5. Hey Guys =) I have just finished creating my 508 server It was originally created by InsanityScape, So a big thankyou to them! It includes: 1) Over 80 working NPC's 2) Over 10 working shops 3) Approx. 100 different items 4) 19 Summoning creatures 5) 4 Pet dragons 6) Pvp stretching into deep wildy 7) Both easy and hard skilling (mining/wc are easist skills) All skillcapes and emotes working 9) Donatorzone 10) Working GWD with all bosses! 11) Chaos elemental 12) Kalphite queen 13) Also includes 'Ancient Creatures' (requires teaming) 14) Working castle wars 15) Working fit pits 16) Finally all skills working! (However you cant train construction - its donators only) And there is much, much more!!! So come along and take a look. If you dont like it then just go somewhere else =) To download the client, or the ip changer (if the client does not wok) go to the website below: http://pascalsworld.piczo.com/?g=41013345&cr=3# This picture shows working pvp and specs: SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY.. BETTER IMAGE WILL BE UPLOADED SOON! =) This picture shows the custom firecape emote and all the skill capes: http://i120.piczo.com/view/4/p/c/w/c/l/8/d/s/o/a/h/img/i210454586_27668_3.jpg SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY.. BETTER IMAGE WILL BE UPLOADED SOON! =) This picture shows custom drops (red phat is extremely rare btw): SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY.. BETTER IMAGE WILL BE UPLOADED SOON! =) And finally, this picture just shows the rares shop: SORRY FOR THE POOR QUALITY.. BETTER IMAGE WILL BE UPLOADED SOON! =) I hope that you enjoy the server if you decide to play it. And if you have good or bad experiences please post a comment telling me about them =D Have Fun Mr Pascal
  6. pascals1

    Hey guys =)

    Can someone try out my client and tell me if it works?? Its pascalsworld.piczo.com it keeps not working and then working and i dont understand why!? if someone cud give me feed back ASAP id be grafeful! Thanks
  7. Yes it is =) .. go onto the website link at the top for my i.p =)
  8. oohhhh thanks =) ill put some on
  9. I duno how to put them in lol
  10. Yo guys need help changing the i.p of a 508 server.. Atm its default, i was wondering if someone cud tell me what folder to go into and where to change it to my I.P pleaseeee Thanks B.T.W if it helps im using the cameronscape client atm
  11. LOL dude calm down yeah.. i obvs used a base
  12. Dude thanks.. but where do i change the ip?? i know its in client but i duno what bit??
  13. Nah iv just started scripting.. iv completely finished my server after teaching it all to myself.. but i really duno how to change the i.p LOL
  14. Hey dude ;) remember me? well the link u sent me didnt work =( .. just thought id let u know.. PM me

  15. HEY GUYS, I am currently working on a 508 server called PASCALSWORLD.. it will be finished within 2 weeks =) Pm me to find out more!

  16. When i open up my bank on my private server and try to withdraw items or put items in, then it disconnects me.. anyone know what the problem is??