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  1. [quote name='Marcus01']I support, although the admins are trying to cut down the numbers of boards.[/QUOTE] Take out the ones we do not need, or that are already inactive.
  2. wtfffffffffffff thats gay!!!!!!!!!! GAY PRIDE MAN make it rainbow colors rfl

  3. New signature is epic

  4. [quote name='Shishir G']he cant see us commeting we're on his ignore list trolololo[/QUOTE] I have him on my ignore list, you can still see the posts lol. You just have to click - View Message or what ever.
  5. Lol, good stuff

  6. chad said i was gonna be perm banned if i kept trollin

  7. Gay moderator is gay

  8. Spamming? I was the only one in the chatbox at the time and I wasn't even spamming anything hurtful or negative...

  9. chad said he ban u and hes on tinychat lolol

  10. Spamming.

  11. I know I am Lol. I actually didn't do anything this time lol

  12. im not, you are loloo

  13. K erhm. Why was I banned from the chat box?

  14. Banned from the chat box? wtf.