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  1. [quote name='Marcus01']I support, although the admins are trying to cut down the numbers of boards.[/QUOTE] Take out the ones we do not need, or that are already inactive.
  2. [quote name='Shishir G']he cant see us commeting we're on his ignore list trolololo[/QUOTE] I have him on my ignore list, you can still see the posts lol. You just have to click - View Message or what ever.
  3. Hutch


    You forgot the biased moderators <3
  4. [quote name='bigcasey123']ok lets play[/QUOTE] Add - GAAAAWD. I'll be on in a bit
  5. [quote name='bigcasey123']lol dude trust me i'm good (unless you use cheats) but if you want to play me i'll pm you my psn name[/QUOTE] Bra. I'm in number 4 GB Black Ops team.
  6. [quote name='bigcasey123']Will you pay if you lose? (paypal)[/QUOTE] Chances I'm going to lose to you are extremely slim, btw.
  7. I'm sorry Mike, you've got cancer. .[quote name='Twisted']The fat in your arm has compressed onto your nerve near your joint. Go for a jog and lose a few pounds fatty :)[/QUOTE] It has nothing to do with fat compressed onto your nerve, bla. .
  8. Hutch

    We were wrong...

    [quote name='Marcus01']Meh, pretty true for all sports... Some people bet paychecks on sports and I think it's stupid, It wont affect my life or anything If we loose we loose, I wont complain i'll be dissapointed for a couple hours then get over it.. Some people base their lives off this shit though..[/QUOTE] lose" we "lose. Lol. Well, I was at my girlfriends house last night and her dad was downstairs watching the game and lets put it this way... You could tell when Boston scored.
  9. Hutch

    We were wrong...

    [quote name='Marcus01']Oh okay, but Uhh, thousands of Canucks and Boston fans do then lol ;)[/QUOTE] Lol. My original question from a long ass time ago (not really), why do people let it affect their life so much? Jeez P.S. Bruins are going to take it, and I want them to take it so everybody here will shut the fuck up.
  10. Hutch

    We were wrong...

    [quote name='Marcus01']Well, thousands of Boston fans do..[/QUOTE] I was actually editing my first post, but I'll just respnd here. What I meant by "who cares" that was direct at the original post. (I know I quoted what I quoted which was an accident).
  11. Hutch

    Bought a Gym Membership!

    Well, just came back from my first work-out. I started light, because it's still the morning and I'll be going back after school/before supper. I also feel great, but extremely sore. <3
  12. Hutch

    We were wrong...

    [quote name='Marcus01']Yeah and who got hit so hard he was out? Hmm horton...[/QUOTE] Who cares lol
  13. Hutch

    Bought a Gym Membership!

    [quote name='Zykev2']Bummer dude[/QUOTE] Her sister isn't though ;P
  14. Hutch

    Bought a Gym Membership!

    [quote name='Zykev2']Sex also is a very good cardio exercise and studies shows its good for your heart and immune system.[/QUOTE] Too bad I'm dating a hardcore Christian