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  1. Can you provide some more information such as links? Server ip, server name etc
  2. It seems highly logical, surely you would just need to connect via local host if your working off the same router?
  3. The artist is Kentaro Nagai. This isn't the only one; he's done bears, rat's bulls etc. However the chance of them being created from Countries & Continents is debatable because it would take a long time to prove due to the number of countries out there and the possibilities of shapes, rotations etc. Looking at it briefly I can see the obvious continents such as Africa, still it's very creative.
  4. There isn't much you can do really besides getting serious and involving a higher authority or moving host. HostGator are only trying to protect themselves from what could land them in deep shit. (Even if there is no real threat) Think of it like dodging a kick to the face even if nobody is trying to kick you in the face. As suggested above move host. (One that doesn't care about DMCA'S)
  5. [quote name='Christopher']So about $700 USD? I'll make a build tomorrow morning.[/QUOTE] Big thanks bro, and yeah around $700.
  6. Can anyone reccomend me a good set-up? my budget is £400-£500 Would also be beneficial if it could be in a compact case due to space issues in my dorm room at university. Until now ive been gaming on my macbook pro and it's beginning to get slow so I think it's about time I got some new kit.
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    iPhone games

    Mini motors - Awesome 3d car racing game Rope'n'fly - high score style game
  8. [quote name='aShoeBox']We are probably on of the billion planets with perfect breathing atmosphere but scientists haven't discovered them yet.[/QUOTE] There are already a few planets thought to be capable of sustaining life and an atmosphere, but because we have no means of getting to them within the next few thousand years, it's impossible to know at the moment. e.g. gliese 581
  9. Considering there are estimates that there are "More planets in the universe than there are grains of sand on earth" With estimates of over 200 billion stars in our galaxy alone all comprising their own solar systems of one planet or more. I'd say there is no chance we are alone.
  10. I need an account too, migrated ones are no use because I only want to play Multiplayer, hit me up if you find something useful please.
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    Only in America...
  12. .Godfather .The Dark Knight .Shawshank Redemption .American pie (Absolute Classic) .The Avengers (Saw it the other day, almost orgasmed)
  13. my pker pure


    [quote name='Important Man']Powerbot.[/QUOTE] [ATTACH=CONFIG]5342[/ATTACH] I wouldn't reccomend using any bot besides one you make yourself, the risk can be too great. But if your desperate use epic bot.
  14. [quote name='DXCory']I don't get angry it just amuses the hell out of me. EDIT: Also, you arguing about my theme benefits me. It keeps my thread bumped. ;)[/QUOTE] It wont't matter anyway because most people will assume your just giving and trying to sell them themes that are pre made that you just changed the images on. That's definitely what I would assume.
  15. [quote name='DXCory']How so? I'm releasing quality templates free of charge, but I used a premade template that other people use. Errrr, I don't see the problem here. I'm editting the template to fit my current needs. After that i will work on a custom one, I JUST bought this domain like 8 hours ago but okay if my theme makes you angry i guess you can deal with that. lol.[/QUOTE] You assume with out assessing what I said. I never said there was a problem with it, I never said it made me angry. I said it was ironic, if anyone's angry bro I'd definitely say it's you.