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  1. [url]http://prntscr.com/1hn569[/url] Thanks :D
  2. ....... all i need is one that works. most ones i've tried i get errors with can someone atleast tell me how to set it up or something or where to get a npc drop editor
  3. title says it all, i need a drop editor cause people in my server is compliaining about shit drops please help. This is for 718 by the way
  4. cheers by the way you can point me in the right direction. for where i post stuff like this?
  5. sorry for this i am not sure if in wrong topic but i am thinking cause it wont let me edit it etc
  6. probably a virus mate, i know heroeswar very well
  7. doesn't work
  8. huahua maarten faggot

  9. i need a 729 itemlist i'm sorry if this wrong place to ask but i'm new to runelocus and dont know where to post just a little help please so yeah if u got a 729 item list send it to me pls
  10. I Can obviously say it's most likely either a hidden trojan,keylogger,or rat.i've known martje for a while it's not funny but then he treated me like shit peace.
  11. scullboy491

    Would you tap that?

    lol i wouldn't tap that sorry.
  12. heh gay server never liked ziotic nice fail server bro