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  1. We've been quite on updates for a while, but we've been doing a lot. Here's a photo of some actual gameplay. This shows pathfinding, packet handling, event production, interface management, actions (which are suspendable), and doors. More updates have been done since then - stay tuned .
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    We're open, under construction of course.
  3. Although we haven't posted any updates yet, we've been working hard! Our website is getting wrapped up and we've almost finished all the core/engine related tasks [these things make it so we can write content quickly]. Here's the first official piece of Dusk content [this includes collission, pathfinding, npc and player updating (all unit tested), and content via scripts [cow moo-ing]
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    RuneDocs A few of the competent developers and I have recently been discussing building a platform to archive information as well as provide documentation on the RuneScape protocol. We need help though, in terms of moderation, contributions, and more. I'm working to get some large community leaders on board at the moment so that people who want to learn will know where to learn best. These forums have been great but they don't provide anything in regards to archiving. Additionally, information is not centralized as well as possible. The main idea is to provide a platform where people can simply get information and data. The only ranks required will be those of moderators, and this is to ensure that the site isn't harmed by people making stupid edits to articles. This will require a staff team, though. This won't take much time, maybe 30 minutes a week per-person. What we need is people to help contribute! A lot of us work full-time jobs and do rsps work on the side so we don't have as much time as we need. I don't want the site to be left unattended an If you're interested in helping out, contact me on discord. I'm making this platform with the assumption that the community is willing to help progress with each other. I hope this will prove to be true. Confirmed Participants (in no particular order) Tyluur Greg Scu11 Graham Blakeman8192
  5. Multi-World Event-Driven Scriptable Subscribe Stay up to date with Dusk by subscribing to this thread. About Dusk is a RuneScape private server, based on build #667 of the client. The client has been modified to support OSRS data. Development started officially on March 24th, 2020. We have worked from the ground up - this is an entirely brand new framework. Plan Dusk will be primarily a server based on RuneScape 2011. However, OSRS content will be added. The content that will be in Dusk is unknown at the moment, but we're considering bosses, raids, and client UI similar to RuneLite. The release date for Dusk has not been set. We're aiming for August 2020 at the moment. Release The official release date for Dusk has not been decided yet, but we're aiming to release towards the end of 2020. Team Tyluur Greg History Dusk was originally intended to be named RedRune, but after years of development that had peaks and valleys, a rebrand and rewrite were necessary. This means that the entire RedRune project has been archived and is only used for data. Technical Dusk is composed of 3 different components. The first component is the core, which provides network infrastructure and I/O. The network infrastructure supports dynamic codec management (using the netty library) and data transmission security. The second component is the social system, which is dependent upon the core. It is responsible for the multi-world functionality. The third component is actual game server, which uses the core as well as the social system. The game is written in entirely with an event-driven system. Content is all scriptable as well. Media Credits Polar Scu11 Graham Powered by netty 4 koin slf4j & logback MockK assertj guava gson
  6. 2/20/19 - Doors & npc data Journal + Added a large collection of doors to the world map, most doors now world [open/close] + Added a large collection of gates/fences to the world map, most of them work now [open/close] + Went through main cities in RedRune and added all missing door configuration - Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Draynor Village, Entrana, Port Sarim, Edgeville + Updated npc data slightly, nowhere close to done yet... + Transfered server dependencies to gradle Media
  7. Been a bit busy this week but I managed to do some updates today... More coming this week! 2/19/19 - NPC Data Collection Journal + Updated npc data mapping slightly + Collected large data dump from Arios and converted to RedRune format Media
  8. 2/9/19 - Dialogue improvement, keybinds, plugins Journal + Updated dialogue system to dynamically load dialogues by reflection + Updated dialogues with dynamic support for component ids [first, second, ..., options] + Added keybinds for dialogues - Space for next, keys [1-5] for options in dialogues + Added keybinds for interfaces - Esc for closing current interface + Added item on npc plugin support + Added item on player plugin support + Fixed an issue with the item on object packet Media 2/8/19 - Object spawning, item on object support & plugins, item on item handling Journal + Updated object spawning system lightly, objects that were removed/spawned will always do as expected + Added item on item plugin system - Updated all previous item on item actions to the new system + Added item on object plugin system + Added godsword modification - Dismantle action - Godsword shard + anvil = godsword blade - Godsword blade + godsword hilt = godsword + Fixed an issue with the item on object packet Media
  9. 2/7/19 - Item Plugins, Teleport Tablets, & bone burial Journal + Introduced Item Plugins - Actions for items can be created via a plugin class, and any option's action to perform is registered and handled in the class. - Multiple items per class are supported - Transferred all matrix item interactions to the plugin sy stem + Added teleport tablets for watch tower and teleport home + Fixed a bug with dragon bones in which you could drop the bone after burial Media
  10. Finalized the networking update, everything has been translated over to Netty 4 on a new networking infrastructure. Usage of InputStream/OutputStream has been terminated, and netty is being used as it was supposed to be. Much thanks to Cjay0091 for some clarification! I'll be spending some time verifying nothing was missed before moving onto more content this week.
  11. Currently in the process of updating the networking to Netty 4 Finished handshake, update server, lobby, login, and most packets in the last day and a half.
  12. January 31st - Agility shortcuts, wilderness ditch, object spawning in gson, and more Journal 1: Added falador crumbling wall shortcut 2: Updated object spawning to work via gson files 2.1: Object addition/removal is constant regardless of region changes now 3: Perfected edgeville wilderness ditch Media 1: 2: 3:
  13. January 29th - Agility courses, visual synchronization improvements, plugin updates, and more Journal 1: Updated incoming packet systems, gameplay is generally a lot more smooth now 2: Updated banking + Added insert mode + The bank interface now saves your last selected insert/withdrawal selection 3: Lots of cleaning up of bad base code done 4: Updated saving + Using json now 5: Added profanity filter which is toggleable (and off by default) 6: Updated plugin system to allow for multiple plugins in the same plugin instance 7: Added the system to stack hits while performing skillcape emotes and skillcape emotes only 8: Fixed combat damage being appended after teleports 9: Combat damage will be appended after agility 10: Added wilderness agility course 11: Added barbarian outpost agility course 12: Added gnome agility course 13: Added grand exchange shortcut Media