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  1. 2/20/19 - Doors & npc data Journal + Added a large collection of doors to the world map, most doors now world [open/close] + Added a large collection of gates/fences to the world map, most of them work now [open/close] + Went through main cities in RedRune and added all missing door configuration - Varrock, Lumbridge, Falador, Draynor Village, Entrana, Port Sarim, Edgeville + Updated npc data slightly, nowhere close to done yet... + Transfered server dependencies to gradle Media
  2. Been a bit busy this week but I managed to do some updates today... More coming this week! 2/19/19 - NPC Data Collection Journal + Updated npc data mapping slightly + Collected large data dump from Arios and converted to RedRune format Media
  3. 2/9/19 - Dialogue improvement, keybinds, plugins Journal + Updated dialogue system to dynamically load dialogues by reflection + Updated dialogues with dynamic support for component ids [first, second, ..., options] + Added keybinds for dialogues - Space for next, keys [1-5] for options in dialogues + Added keybinds for interfaces - Esc for closing current interface + Added item on npc plugin support + Added item on player plugin support + Fixed an issue with the item on object packet Media 2/8/19 - Object spawning, item on object support & plugins, item on item handling Journal + Updated object spawning system lightly, objects that were removed/spawned will always do as expected + Added item on item plugin system - Updated all previous item on item actions to the new system + Added item on object plugin system + Added godsword modification - Dismantle action - Godsword shard + anvil = godsword blade - Godsword blade + godsword hilt = godsword + Fixed an issue with the item on object packet Media
  4. 2/7/19 - Item Plugins, Teleport Tablets, & bone burial Journal + Introduced Item Plugins - Actions for items can be created via a plugin class, and any option's action to perform is registered and handled in the class. - Multiple items per class are supported - Transferred all matrix item interactions to the plugin sy stem + Added teleport tablets for watch tower and teleport home + Fixed a bug with dragon bones in which you could drop the bone after burial Media
  5. Finalized the networking update, everything has been translated over to Netty 4 on a new networking infrastructure. Usage of InputStream/OutputStream has been terminated, and netty is being used as it was supposed to be. Much thanks to Cjay0091 for some clarification! I'll be spending some time verifying nothing was missed before moving onto more content this week.
  6. Currently in the process of updating the networking to Netty 4 Finished handshake, update server, lobby, login, and most packets in the last day and a half.
  7. January 31st - Agility shortcuts, wilderness ditch, object spawning in gson, and more Journal 1: Added falador crumbling wall shortcut 2: Updated object spawning to work via gson files 2.1: Object addition/removal is constant regardless of region changes now 3: Perfected edgeville wilderness ditch Media 1: 2: 3:
  8. January 29th - Agility courses, visual synchronization improvements, plugin updates, and more Journal 1: Updated incoming packet systems, gameplay is generally a lot more smooth now 2: Updated banking + Added insert mode + The bank interface now saves your last selected insert/withdrawal selection 3: Lots of cleaning up of bad base code done 4: Updated saving + Using json now 5: Added profanity filter which is toggleable (and off by default) 6: Updated plugin system to allow for multiple plugins in the same plugin instance 7: Added the system to stack hits while performing skillcape emotes and skillcape emotes only 8: Fixed combat damage being appended after teleports 9: Combat damage will be appended after agility 10: Added wilderness agility course 11: Added barbarian outpost agility course 12: Added gnome agility course 13: Added grand exchange shortcut Media
  9. After some minor inconveniences, RedRune development is back. More details shortly, stay tuned. January 25th - Combat visual improvements, interaction system, event system, and more Journal 1: Interaction system for players to npcs 2: Introduced an event system and transferred npc and player events into it 3: Combat visual updates [facing, correct messages] + Prioritized animations + Prioritized graphics + Properly prioritized attack messages 4: Updated route events to sync with facing actors perfectly 5: Updated graphics and animations for curse prayer book, correct priority and overlap 6: Tons of core changes + Rework of the engine and introduction of parallel processing with blocking + Media https://i.imgur.com/5WhbUT8.gif https://i.imgur.com/yztjSIg.gif https://i.imgur.com/AQ8U6RK.gif
  10. 9/13/17 + Added all special attack accuracy boosts + Added morrigan throwing axe/morrigan javelin specials + Added all thrown ammo [obby rings/javelins] with correct projectiles + Added player appearance customization + Hair/Beard changing + Gender/skin color changing + Clothing changing + Complete character customization ["crafter/archer" defaults] + Added player trading + Added new "lock" system [stopping players from interacting during things like teleporting/agility/etc...] + Added scheduled messages from npcs like rewards trader + Added punishment handling - Json storage of punishments, auto-lapsing - Mac & ip address storage to make sure you can't ban evade
  11. 9/6/17 + Started melee combat - Added 19 different special attacks - Added all regular non-special weapons - Ported over RedRune combat calculations + Started range combat - Added 3 different range special attacks [there's not many range specs] - Added crossbows [karils, too], crystal bow, dark bow, darts/knife/ hand cnanon, and regular bows [long/short] - Ported over RedRune combat calculations + Distance calculation/projectile calculation/formulae for damages + Ported over RedRune 'ScheduledTask' implementation + Fixed Levelling up having wrong graphics + Added Projectile Management and fixed the packet
  12. 9/4/17 + Added brand new shop system + Lots more source code improvements for longterm stability & easy content creation + Adds lots more command plugins + Started on RedRune666 combat -> matrix conversion + Improved home area
  13. 9/1/17 + Updated region system significantly + Updated movement event to fire controller changes [when you teleport/move into wilderness you will actually be in the wilderness] + Improved dialogue code + Added command plugins - @CommandManifest to describe parameters and description of a command - Command Plugin package denotes the required right to use the command + Drag and drop to change rights of a command + Removed single player rights - Added a Set of rights the player can have, the dominant one being the most powerful [you can change the dominant one on your forum account] - You receive the privileges of all the rights you have on your forum account [forum integration isn't finished yet, this is to prepare for it]\ + Added json npc spawns from hdpvp dump - Storing npc spawn direction in json file as well - Updated local npc updating to store the right direction + Updated npc definition parser for fresh 667 cache + Converted all item examines/bonuses to json - Armadyl godsword.json has all ags characteristics, for all items with that name - Using a mapping so we can have several ids in the same file + Added object plugins + Fixed object packet decoding - Matrix 667 team changed the packet streams in the client for this, had to find exactly what changed after a while of debugging - Added pathed route events to them + Removed "Map Areas", stupid implementation that was never really used and unnecessary + Added npc walking flag modifications, for npcs who should move and shouldn't move. Also supports npcs walking over water. + Added server-sided object removal on startup - So I don't need to modify the cache every time I don't want an object to spawn + Added floor item path finding
  14. 8/31/17 + Completed interface plugin system and converted all interface handling to their own plugin + Added npc plugins and converted all npc handling to their own plugin - Removed most of these because they were useless though + Removed lots of shit content/code - Barrows/Godwars/Jail/Castle Wars/Duel Arena/Clan Wars + Removed lots of dialogues + Refactored several things in the packaging & introduced new classes for better naming & explanations, rather than packing everything into one class + Added third & fourth npc option packets + Rewrote object/npc/player/item interaction in controllers using one method [Entity is the parent class for all these mentioned types] + Converted all npc drops/bonuses/examines/combat definitions over to .json - Caching data for faster usage + Cleared out edgeville rooms and added custom quest tab + Removed a lot of packed code in several classes. - Usage of lombok to shorten code down as well https://paste.ee/p/9oueo