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  1. This should work in Magic class [code]public static final void processNormalSpell[/code] in that method, in the switch, find [code]case 24:[/code] replace the stuff in there with [code]useHomeTele(player);[/code] if you don't have that method then add this [code]private static void useHomeTele(Player player) { player.stopAll(); player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(1092); }[/code] then ButtonHandler class in handleButtons find the appropriate place to add something akin go this [code]if (interfaceId == 1092) { LodeStones.handleButtons(player, componentId);[/code] either in the long if-else or in the switch statements [code]case 1092:[/code]
  2. Ghost

    how do I fix this?

    compile with jdk 7 or run with jre 6
  3. Ghost

    [PI] Checking Stuff

    try [code]c.dungquest == 0[/code]
  4. Ghost

    Cache won't load.

    Post your downloadCache method please
  5. Looks like you misspelled the URI. Somewhere, you have [code]hhttps://[/code] rather than [code]https://[/code]
  6. [quote name='Gripper']String s = ":\"; If you don't see :\ then you are blind. Delete that and put the string.[/QUOTE] A bit BM ^_^. But he still needs it, referencing the s later on so there's something that goes there
  7. your problem arises in the fact that you used a backslash rather than a forward slash: [code]{ String s = ":\"; String s1 = "cache"; File file = new File(s1 + s); if (file.exists() || file.mkdir()) return s1 + s + "/"; }[/code] to [code] { String s = ":/"; String s1 = "cache"; File file = new File(s1 + s); if (file.exists() || file.mkdir()) return s1 + s + "/"; } [/code] The \ is an escape character in case you wanted to, for example, keep a quotation mark in a string [code]System.out.println("Hey, this is John, and welcome to \"Jackass\"");[/code] or linebreaks (\n) This just fixes your code and doesn't really guarantee that it'll work in context. 'tis a weird method looking for weird things.
  8. A couple hours of delay showcasing the smaller servers before the larger ones instantly gain their thousands of votes again won't make servers leave. However, I see your point in it being somewhat of an inconvenience for those whose timezones are in the range of when votes are reset.
  9. Of course there would be a giant notice/message informing people that there is a small grace period d:
  10. [quote name='Cart']Server's with low vote points have a chance of appearing in a higher spot for a short while[/QUOTE] A quick suggestion to get a bit more exposure to these smaller servers. Maybe lock voting for servers for ~2-3 hours after a reset (or whatever time range you think is fit) to keep these smaller servers on the front page for more than 30 seconds, if this feature doesn't already exist.
  11. Along those lines: since every server is being reset, and if you put in the hard work needed to attract, keep, and have players vote for you, then your server should move up and over those that don't try as hard. The gap between you and other competitors of your level has just been nullified and if you did your job correctly you should be able to surpass them this month.
  12. [img]http://puu.sh/5Q6bk/d04e53348a.png[/img] Right at the footer, just above the time & copyright notices But yeah. I love this theme a lot more than the older ones, clean and simple.
  13. Well, what isn't working for you?