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  1. I have the same problem. Bump
  2. Ahh, this brings memories back when I first started coding. I was clueless haha. The difference between 317's/377/474/508 etc is the revision. So 317's were made earlier than 377+. Pretty much the higher the revision the harder it is to code. When you download a source make sure it's 317 or [PI] (Project insanity). Because its the best for beginners. When you want to add codes look for codes for 317/PI. Hope I helped. :)
  3. Pm me the link for insanityx plz.

  4. Are you trying to jar it or you don't want to?
  5. is your server running and compiled with jdk 7? if so only people with java 7 can connect.
  6. will be making 317 webclient a client jars. $3 paypal 5m rsgp pm me
  7. i jared and signed my client correctly but when i open it on a different comp i get this error. if you can fix it please download this and fix it. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?odji3b8amwqbjs1[/url]
  8. when ever i got to rspscod1ing to use there webclient maker, i make the webclient (erasedpkz) but then when i go onto the webclient it says error click for details. then i click details and it says client.class not found. i redownloaded the source but still get the error. i used another computer in my house to run the server on there but still the same error. can somebody please help me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. i am absolutely out of ideas on how to fix it, it says it cant find the client.class but i dont get that, it says that for all my sources, and when i make my webclient at **********.org i still get the error. other people get the error as well when they try to play. i will pay some1 1m rsps to fix it. and Ive looked for guides but there arnt any for rsps.