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  1. Don't use this base though, use an upgraded and better version
  2. I fully support this project, and where it's going to go.
  3. Fun server just like Dawntained, but watch out for the player "Dirty Dutch". Small willy IRL so he bullies people on the server
  4. @Alksandr Dude, you just got destroyed.
  5. I find it funny that you're trying to used leech content to be sold that's all over the place.
  6. Home | Forum | Play Now | Vote | Store | Hiscores Not just a regular OSRS server, we have customized features to go a long with it. Feature list is too mainstream, just look at the pictures and decide for yourself.
  7. Best of luck, but would be dope if you bumped the post with recent updates.
  8. Delta

    Upload to VPS

    I don't use Skype anymore nor do I use any other contacting programs but you could always just use Dropbox to sync file(s) from your computer to the VPS. Since you've already downloaded the program and have everything done, just extract all your files and setup the Compiler, Run settings by editting the Bat file. Unless if you're using Eclipse (I highly recommend), you could always watch a video tutorial on this. P.S. Don't forget to port forward the ports you're going to be using, mainly always 43594.
  9. What's the point of using webclient's now & days.
  10. Did you change the source and use the same client?