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  1. New updates out! Bump! - A major graphical bug that caused the client to glitch in Varrock has been fixed - Make over mage second option is now "Teleport" instead of "Trade" to avoid confusion - Karambwan vessels no longer need to be baited to fish, just need to have vessel and Karamwbanji bait in inventory - Began working on door functionality, currently I made it so doors disapear when clicked so players can get to their objectives, this will be replaced with a full door system soon. - Bugged objects within east falador have been fixed - Iron Man Friendly store has been added in-game across OS Kingdom shops will be listed below - Bob's Brilliant Axes (Lumbridge) - Lumbridge General Store - Aubreys Rune Shop (Varrock) - Thessalia's Fine Clothes (Varrock) - Zaff's Staffs (Varrock) - Varrock Swordshop - Horvik's Armour Shop (Varrock) - Lowe's Archery Emporium (Varrock) - Cassie's Shield Shop (Falador) - Flynn's Mace Market (Falador) - Wayne's Chains (Falador) - Zeke's Superior Scimitars (Al-Kharid) - Louie's Armoured Legs (Al-Kharid) - Ranael's Super Skirt Store (Al-Kharid) - Dommik's Crafting Store (Al-Kharid) - Hickton's Archery Emporium (Catherby) - Vanessa's Farming Shop (Catherby)
  2. New updates out! Check them out below! http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/548-updates-11102020/ http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/546-updates-11082020/
  3. I enjoy it very much! Bump! Updates posted below. - Splashing now works correctly - Barrows issue not being able to click coffins FIXED - Bonds not being the right item FIXED - Players can now wear 200m capes after the 15th Skill Prestige Explaination: prestige 15 = 195m total exp, so prestige 16+ I will be allowing them to wear 200m capes without having the 200m. - Fixed an issue with creating weapon poison + && ++ - Ibans Staff can now autocast Iban's Blast - Bug when fletching bruma logs at lvl 1 giving 0 EXP FIXED - Fixed a typo with Kalphite Cave teleport interface - All Monsters in monster teleports have correct displays on the teleport interface now - All Bosses in boss teleports have correct displays on the teleport interface - All Mini-games in minigame teleports have correct displays on the teleport interface - Ferox Enclave has been added in-game - Clan Wars teleport has been updated to the Ferox Enclave - Issues with Tithe Farm has been fixed and now gives proper EXP (Because so OP/Fast in camparison to normal farming there is no bonus EXP!) - Slayer masters have been relocated and slayer fairy has been added in place of normal slayer masters location, the fairy can tele you directly - Players can now use overloads in theatre of blood!
  4. Our Easter event ends in 3 days! Come get your exclusive Easter gear along with 30-40+ other active players while you still can!
  5. Update log 4/19/2020: 30+ Online! - Chance of receiving a theatre of blood reward depends on how much points you obtain, more the better chance. - Chambers of Xeric MVP now has a increased chance to be rewarded with a rare item - Theatre of Blood rare reward chance has been slightly buffed - Undead druids have been added in-game - Temple spiders have been added in-game - Forthos Dungeon has been added in-game - Sarachnis Boss has been added in-game - Fixed a bug with Wintertodt saying you are already interacting with the burners - Plat tokens exchange has been fixed - Bug with culinomacers chest fixed - Giant mole now has a kill count - Clicking ancient chests in Chambers of Xeric no longer DC's you - Fixed a issue with delayed fishing reset that would close your interface (example bank) - Nardah, Pollinivneach & Sophanem have been added to city teleports - Added 10 new global (news) announcements and fixed some grammar in some of them. - Pharoahs sceptre added to skilling shop to complete elite desert diary
  6. BUMP! 30+ ONLINE COME TRY US OUT TODAY! Easter event is still live!
  7. Wintertodt has been added! New update out! 25+ Online all times!
  8. Bump come try out our easter event before its over! 35+ Players online!
  9. New update out! 25+ players online! - Bug with max cape and leveling FIXED - Minutes now display correctly when checking your total time played - Referral/Creator code system has been added in-game, only prompted when you first login. - All hard NMZ npcs have been added in-game - Hard endurance mode has been added in-game - 2nd option on Dominic Onion @ NMZ now works - Kraken is now properly instanced - Mutated bloodvelds now correctly count toward bloodveld tasks - Blood money shop has been updated (S/O Nicholas 4 Help) - Ring of stone, easter, coins, nature all work perfect now - Easter ring now equips to the correct slot
  10. Bump! 15+ people online! Growing community and we need staff! Applications are currently open.
  11. New update out! - Monk at home has been removed for addition of NMZ - Nightmarezone teleport has been added to mini-games - Dominic Onion has been added and normal endurance mode for NMZ has been completed! - Finished rewards for NMZ (Imbuing and store) - Cooking has been fixed - Buffed Chambers of Xeric ORE rewards now will receive 20% more. - When you die to OLM it no longer takes you back to start when you try to re-enter olm - Fixed a daily task not counting correctly - Monks added to monastery next to Edgevil and now drop monk robes - No longer is there snow fall or snow falling when at the monastery - Fixed a no clipping bug in Chambers of Xeric - Players must have at least 250 points during Chambers of Xeric to qualify for a reward - Arclight can now be made by using a darklight on 3 ancient shards - Base for Zalcano (coming very soon) finished with full skilling functions. - Theatre of blood now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in ToB! - Chambers of Xeric now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in CoX! - Cannon can now be set up in the wilderness - 2 Lucky & Dragon implings have been added to the extreme donator zone ::edz - All items that we're originally in the star boxes (exp boost, lamps) have been readded back into the boxes!
  12. New update out! http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/401-updates-2252020/
  13. 15+ Players online right now! Brand new come play and compete for high scores!