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  1. Our Easter event ends in 3 days! Come get your exclusive Easter gear along with 30-40+ other active players while you still can!
  2. Update log 4/19/2020: 30+ Online! - Chance of receiving a theatre of blood reward depends on how much points you obtain, more the better chance. - Chambers of Xeric MVP now has a increased chance to be rewarded with a rare item - Theatre of Blood rare reward chance has been slightly buffed - Undead druids have been added in-game - Temple spiders have been added in-game - Forthos Dungeon has been added in-game - Sarachnis Boss has been added in-game - Fixed a bug with Wintertodt saying you are already interacting with the burners - Plat tokens exchange has been fixed - Bug with culinomacers chest fixed - Giant mole now has a kill count - Clicking ancient chests in Chambers of Xeric no longer DC's you - Fixed a issue with delayed fishing reset that would close your interface (example bank) - Nardah, Pollinivneach & Sophanem have been added to city teleports - Added 10 new global (news) announcements and fixed some grammar in some of them. - Pharoahs sceptre added to skilling shop to complete elite desert diary
  3. BUMP! 30+ ONLINE COME TRY US OUT TODAY! Easter event is still live!
  4. Wintertodt has been added! New update out! 25+ Online all times!
  5. Bump come try out our easter event before its over! 35+ Players online!
  6. Easter event is live! Growing community come check it out!
  7. New update out! 25+ players online! - Bug with max cape and leveling FIXED - Minutes now display correctly when checking your total time played - Referral/Creator code system has been added in-game, only prompted when you first login. - All hard NMZ npcs have been added in-game - Hard endurance mode has been added in-game - 2nd option on Dominic Onion @ NMZ now works - Kraken is now properly instanced - Mutated bloodvelds now correctly count toward bloodveld tasks - Blood money shop has been updated (S/O Nicholas 4 Help) - Ring of stone, easter, coins, nature all work perfect now - Easter ring now equips to the correct slot
  8. Bump! 15+ people online! Growing community and we need staff! Applications are currently open.
  9. New update out! - Monk at home has been removed for addition of NMZ - Nightmarezone teleport has been added to mini-games - Dominic Onion has been added and normal endurance mode for NMZ has been completed! - Finished rewards for NMZ (Imbuing and store) - Cooking has been fixed - Buffed Chambers of Xeric ORE rewards now will receive 20% more. - When you die to OLM it no longer takes you back to start when you try to re-enter olm - Fixed a daily task not counting correctly - Monks added to monastery next to Edgevil and now drop monk robes - No longer is there snow fall or snow falling when at the monastery - Fixed a no clipping bug in Chambers of Xeric - Players must have at least 250 points during Chambers of Xeric to qualify for a reward - Arclight can now be made by using a darklight on 3 ancient shards - Base for Zalcano (coming very soon) finished with full skilling functions. - Theatre of blood now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in ToB! - Chambers of Xeric now scales to party sizes of 1 and 2 by lowering hit points, attack and defence levels of the mobs in CoX! - Cannon can now be set up in the wilderness - 2 Lucky & Dragon implings have been added to the extreme donator zone ::edz - All items that we're originally in the star boxes (exp boost, lamps) have been readded back into the boxes!
  10. New update out! http://oskingdom.org/community/index.php?/topic/401-updates-2252020/
  11. 15+ Players online right now! Brand new come play and compete for high scores!
  12. New updates! Updates: 1/10/2020 - Glassblowing now gives correct crafting EXP - Points received from Pest Control has increased by 50% - Irons can now pick up reindeer holiday event hat (volcano island) - Fixed wintertodt bug where you didnt get reward first game - Royal seed pod unlimited home teles from 30 or below widly added to blood money shop. - Added blue dragons to hard&medium slayer tasks - Vorkath now counts for blue dragon slayer tasks (Brutals count) - Red dragons added to hard&medium slayer tasks (Brutals count) - Fire giants added to medium slayer tasks - Hydras added to hard slayer tasks (alchemical count) - Rune & Addy dragons added to hard slayer tasks - Fixed bug where players could get kraken task without req slayer lvl - Dragon knife special attack has been added - Dragon thrownaxe special attack has been added - Scythe of vitur can now be charged with vials of blood - Vials of blood added to common raid 2 rewards - More implings have been added to spawn (more frequent) - Fixed a CMD nullpointer regarding last dag kings update - Youtuber rank added Updates: 1/9/2020 - Fixed issue with wintertodt and point reward system. - Pet insurance/retrieval spamming bug fixed - Quest tab text has been shifted left to show date better. - Quest tab icons for tab switching have been shifted to allow players quest points to be displayed completely. - Dwarf cannon no longer gives hitpoints EXP - Fixed bug with pest control and instance bosses dissapearing. - Pest control monsters have been significantly nerfed. - Thermo smoke devil is now accessible through crevice - Smoke devil dungeon is now multi - Cannon can now be used in wilderness - Players now must use magic within the Mage Arena - Dag Kings are now weak only to respective styles - Right / Left Great Olm hands now require magic/melee like OSRS - Crystal key halfs added to Skill Point Shop for 5k points ea - Dragon pickaxe now has a special attack (boost +3 mining) - Dragon axe now has a special attack (boost +3 woodcutting) - Darklight has been added in game (insta hit skotizo altars!) - Added Darklight to boss point shop - Thieving stall at ::dz now has anti spam Updates: 1/8/2020 - Fixed issue when creating a red slayer helm. - Added bucket to gen stores - Added glass blowing pipe to skilling store and iron gen store - Crystal bow stats fixed - Fixed a EXP bug with quests - Raids 1 bug fixed where if you don't have space you get no reward. - Redid drops of Cave Horrors, should be easier to get black mask. - Fixed bug where only one person could use a wintertodt brazier. - Fixed bug with sara blessed sword, shields can no longer be equiped. - All god books have correct prayer bonus now. - Mushroom patatoes can now be consumed. - Battleaxes now have the correct attack animation - Dragon axe now has correct combat interface and atk animations - Hydras now have a kill counter and give PVM points - Dunce (player titles) has been fixed @ donor zone - Pet insurance is now 2.5m for regular donors and 1m for super. - Nulled dragon chainbodys removed as drop, added correct id. - Dragon darts now have the correct attack speed - Raids 2 counter has been added. - Phase 1 of vitur has been made signifcantly more difficult, use the dawnbringer and the pillars or pay the consequences! - Items dropped in raids 1 and 2 now appear instantly. - Points in raids 2 are now scaled according to group size. - Doubled the amount of herbs rewarded in theatre of blood. - 'Mystery box' at home removed and will be updated.
  13. Weekly recap bump! Tons of updates! Updates: 12/30/2019 - Fixed bug with knives - Hard endurance mode has been added - Catacombs of kourend is now correctly fully multi. - Fixed wintertodt checks 'please wait' bug - Bruma kindling now gives 15 points - Lighting brazier gives 25 points - Cannon can be set up in GWD now - Catacombs of Kourend ladder to Greater Demons fixed. Updates: 12/28/2019 - Cannon exp is now divided by 4 instead of previous. - Kindling has been added in Wintertodt. - Added reminder to iron man restriction to check ironman tutor. - Wintertodt game timer has been increased. - Cannon placement restrictions updated. - Accumulator no longer saves cannonball ammo (lol). - Pest control portals defence has been drastically nerfed. - Sara's blessed sword now can be reverted properly. - Hunting implings it now makes sure you have a jar. - You can now grab tinderbox, knife, hammer, etc from wintertodt boxes - Ancient wyvern drops have been buffed (item amounts) - Trident attack speed has now be corrected from 5 to 4 like OSRS Updates: 12/26/2019 - Fixed iron ore @ fally mine - Added teleport to wintertodt - Wintertodt fully added. - 5 minute reminder now shows correct mins left of x2 exp. - Porazdir for mage arena II now spawns in correct place. - Vorkath now has correct npc placement. - Cannonball making has been added. - Wintertodt teleport now requires you to be 50 firemaking. - Weapon game FIXED. - Stepping stone agility shortcut south of dragon isle in wildy has been added. - Level 60 magic requirement added to mage arena mini-quests. - ::Event command added to tell what event is going on. - Normal endurance mode nightmarezone points per kill buffed. - Overload and endurance potions can only be used in NMZ. - Wintertodt crates will not give you double of an pyromancer outfit, rewards are also profit friendly. Good source of gp. Updates: 12/25/2019 - Abyssal dagger special fixed. - Raids points interface messed up on resizable FIXED. - Cannon balls glitch in slayer shop fixed. - Slayer shop redone, removed stuff that made dead content. - Nightmare zone endurance normal mode has been added. - Teleport for nmz added to minigame teleports. - Made it so there is no player limit to start pest control. - Warning message about camera gliding added. - Corrected Seer's ring (i) & Ring of Gods (i) magic bonuses. - Ring of suffering(i) weilds to correct slot now. - Imbued rings can now be uncharged. 80% points will be returned. @[email protected]: 12/24/2019 - Mage Arena I Completed - Mage Arena II Completed - Game now sends a message to tell you when your double exp ends. - Game now reminds you when you have only 5 minutes left on your double exp scroll. - Removed imbued cape gods from Mage Arena Point Shop - Mage Arena teleport added to minigames teles - Clothes store part of the holiday event FIXED - Slayer helm no longer makes it so you cant open the equipment interface. - After completing Mage Arena II using capes on kolodion will now give you a imbued version of the cape! Updates: 12/23/2019 - PvP has been fixed, works great. - "Pelt" option bug not going away again bug FIXED. - Brutal dragons now have kill counter and give pvm points. - Ancient wyverns now have kill counter and give pvm points. - Assembler max cape now weilds in the correct slot. - Removed ancient warriors teleport, was removed from game. - Double EXP scrolls are now tradable. - Added ::skull command for all players. - Kill death ratio command added. ::kdr - Bounty points added to point manager. - Karambwans now work properly. - Dragon knives and thrownaxes now have correct attack speed. - Fremennik brown cloak and shirt have been fixed. - Black (t) wizzy robeskirt fixed. - Vestment robe set items now have correct prayer bonuses. - Demonic gorillas drops have been improved. Updates: 12/21/2019 - Wildy rope-swing fixed, no longer do you have to click twice. - Home stalls now has better auto click prevention. - Slayer experienced nerfed in order to keep skill competitive and allow for most rewards to be unlocked thru 1-99. - Players can now create and use dragon bolts. - Ranks now display in clan chat text. - Brutal black/red/blue dragons have been added in-game. - Drops for brutal dragons completed, includes chance at totem in catacombs. - Regular dagannoths have been added in-game. - Drops have been completed for regular dagannoths. - Regular dagganoths added to high level slayer, dagganoth bosses do count towards task. - Any regular dragon task will now count brutal dragons as task. - Dagannoths teleport added to training teleports - Lava dragons teleport moved to wilderness teleports - Waterbirth Island Dungeon is now a multi zone - Fixed bug with melee formulas. Updates: 12/20/2019 (Holiday Event) - Holiday event has been added - Marionettes, yo-yo and other holiday items coded. - Chest added by otto to reward for completing holiday event. - Dragon limbs + Crossbow stock feltching added in-game - Dragon Crossbow added in game - Fixed snowbell pelt glitch where option wouldnt go away - Vorkaths head is no longer tradable - Sinister key has been removed from game (had no purpose) - Dream log and magic root in extreme m boxes changed to coins - Magic prayer protection on some npcs like zulrahs mage phase has been fixed. Still may hit depending on def level, but very little. - Dialogue has been added to mistag shooting star event. - Dialogue has been added to evil dave evil tree event. - More global messages have been added Updates: 12/20/2019 - Slayer skips have been corrected and fixed. - ::updates ::latest commands added, displays latest updates. - Farming outfit wield slots fixed. - $100 bond item model has been fixed. - Double EXP scrolls named correctly aswell as examine. - Combat dummy no longer follows and is fixed, works great. - Jewelry can now be crafted at home furnace and other furnaces around OS Kingdom. - Removed annoying "0" message from using items on object. - 10% Bonus EXP event has been added. (randomly selects skill) - Double gold event has been removed and is being replaced. - Adamant & Rune dragons have been added. - Drops for addy and rune dragons completed. - Shooting star event has been added, exp for mining increases as your mining level increases. Among best exp in-game. - Achievement shop moved in pk bank. - Evil tree event has been added, exp for woodcutting increase as your mining level increases. Among best exp in-game. - Skilling point shop prices have been buffed. - Dragon kiteshield has been added in-game - Dragon platebody has been added in-game as well as creating. - Ticket dispenser exp is now the same as cap n izzy's Updates: 12/19/2019 - Fixed agility obstacles teleporting/glitching players after completing. - Fixed firemaking glitch that would not let you pick up your logs if failed to make the fire. - Players can now use the 'light' option on logs on the ground. - No more random mining messages on rooftop agility courses FIXED - Making unfinished potions is now correctly 1 tick per herb added to vial of water - Blast furnace addy bars glitch fixed - Coal ratio fixed @ blast furnace, works good now. - Decanter not allowing donators to access FIXED - kbd heads, kq head, abby demon head and dark claw all added to appropriate NPC drops - Players can now craft black, green, red & purple slayer helmets with correct head/claw - Snow piles for collecting and throwing snowballs have been added around the home area (pre xmas festivities) - Dragon knives now have correct range attack bonus - Skotizo has been added in-game use totems at Catacombs of Kourend altar. - Monsters in the catacombs of kourend have a varying 1 in 70-120 chance of receiving a dark totem to fight skotizo. - Burying bones in catacombs of kourend restores prayer points like real OSRS - Dragon pickaxe now has correct attack level requirement - Farmers outfit has been added @ 1:100 rate with exp bonus