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  1. I think you need to sign the jarred client it doesn't work for me
  2. [quote name='The dark pro']can you help me iits stuck at connect update or something like that[/QUOTE] you have to place the Cache in your User C:\Users\"YOUR COMPUTER USER"
  3. [quote name='The dark pro']Fix the links they dont work[/QUOTE] here are the links. source [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?9yr1mn6pu6lv3f6[/url] client [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?vp1wayw7i63id1k[/url] cache [url]https://dl.dropbox.com/s/5gxdmbktp9h7b0p/rspsCache2.zip[/url]
  4. hexan

    Rsps 2007scape

    such a nice names.. then i see virtus and primal :p i was expecting to see real 2007 RSPS
  5. seems like a good server GoodLuck :)
  6. [quote name='high105']Do you want it to be levels in the new zone? or anyone can fight anyone?[/QUOTE] i've just fixed this for him his problem was about wilderness it become minus lvl so u can't attack anyone at minus lvl
  7. [quote name='Crimson Eros']hey great source here but i am new to this just wanted to make a server for my friends and me but how do i change my ip to host it from my pc[/QUOTE] first download jdk to compile go in client src>clientsettings.java and edit ur ip then compile
  8. [quote name='Nike shoes']Oh. i did that, but i cant compile. how come? and i dont know where to find the IP so i can change it to mine.[/QUOTE] u can find ip in client src>clientsettings.java and for compile i think u have to change jdk revision to urs in compile.bat
  9. Hexan can you please get on skype? I need to talk to you.

  10. [quote name='Nike shoes']make a client that is 32 bit? Thanks.[/QUOTE] just edit the bat file and remove "(x86)" from "Program Files (x86)" so it will be like this "Program Files"
  11. nice server! but i notice some small bug after i tried...::( when u click to an object player won't walk to it
  12. i can't see what's written there :p well.. press Edit on run and write pause so we can see what's written
  13. hexan

    Requesting a 562 RSPS

    [quote name='Xsef']Do you have a/do you think you can get me a 508 server?[/QUOTE] i don't know about 508 but if u want well coded 562 u could use titandino's source "Titanscape" or "Devilscape V3" because they have some problem solved like 1 click object and little fix to clipping
  14. hexan

    Requesting a 562 RSPS

    [quote name='Dr Fawad']Here You Go. If you're going to start a 562 Server. I would recommend this. It's made by Hexan. It's pretty simple & straight forward. Enjoy [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?67697-alhassa-scape-562-659-release&highlight=hexan[/url][/QUOTE] this buggy one :o he want something like matrix only change name and run the source :p