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  1. I can help you out i am good at codeing and can do almost anything with computers so your in luck :p
  2. dude dont join his server he banns evryone for no good reason after they give him money
  3. lol how do you know if you never fucking checked it out!
  4. lol i know it was because hes mean as shit to everybody its the worst freaking staff and stuff ever lol
  5. lol no one join his server me and my friends joined his server and everytime we got good he restarts the server and he banned us because we told him that if he kept restarting were gonna quit so he banned us lol. theirs terrible admins mods and he a terrible owner no one join please! he sucks so bad! and his admins and other staff cuss you out if you ask them something.... and also he has insane prices he sells some items for $400 or more :/ and he takes the money via paypal illegally he is underaged to be takeing the money.
  6. i didnt say its all my work damn i said i coded alot of fucking shit into it damn guys.
  7. wtf u talkin bout dude did i ever do anything to you? no i did not and i did code stuff into it like theirs not fucking torva and shit in mezzyscape but guess wat i coded the shit in their.
  8. I know im going to change that i have just made the server and the forums.
  9. you can code a server thats what i mean and we coded stuff into it to make it better it has everything.....
  10. umm we coded into it so its better i just have not took pics yet we will have some tomorow but the server is good.
  11. This server is probly the best one you will ever see the greatest staff ever all items and working specs anything you can think of! JUST JOIN AND REGISTER ON OUR FORUMS! IT WILL TELL YOU HOW TO GET ON AND PLAY! HERES THE LINK! [url]http://mezzyscapeforums.freeforums.org/index.php[/url] 1st person to join gets a free party hat! 2nd gets a santa 3rd gets an Hween mask 4th gets a spirit shield of their choice 5th gets armour of their choice AND SO ON........ STAFF APPLICATIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE! SO APPLY FOR STAFF WHILE YOU CAN! :D AGAIN BEST SERVER YOU WILL EVER PLAY AND REGISTER ON OUR FORUMS TO PLAY MESSAGE ONE OF THE STAFF ON FORUMS IF YOU NEED HELP AND HERES THE LINK FOR FORUMS AGAIN... [url]http://mezzyscapeforums.freeforums.org/index.php[/url] THANK YOU FOR JOINING! :D :D :D
  12. I am willing to give all donations that go to the server to the person who helps me! i just want a rsps! please someone help.THANK YOU. :D
  13. ill try to help you out if you want :p