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    Russian Roulette

    I would just yolo and go first.
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    What's up

    I'm back guys :D Got my account back.
  3. I wish I had money to buy membership.
  4. [center][b][color=teal][font=times new roman][SIZE=7]CounterPlay[/SIZE][/font][/color][/b] Base : SabSabi 459 This project is basically going to be a learning project to learn more and more about Hyperion, it will start out as a pvp server and will progress into an economy server with all skills fully working. [B]Media[/B] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1ygu9[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yl21[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yl2Q[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1ym51[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1ym8b[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yLXu[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yM3n[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yM5I[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/1yBPe[/img] [B]Updates[/B] [CODE][7/12/2012] - Switched to SabSabi 459 [7/12/2012] - Started Firemaking [8/12/2012] - Started Thieving [8/12/2012] - Jewelry teleportation nearly finished [8/12/2012] - Many more bosses added; KBD, DKS, Kalphite queen etc... [8/12/2012] - Bones on altar completed [8/12/2012] - Alot more prayers added [8/12/2012] - More locations populated Thieving updates [8/12/2012] - Most npc's are pickpocketable a few left. [8/12/2012] - Ardougne stalls added [8/12/2012] - Stalls will lose items for a few seconds after stealing [8/12/2012] - Npc's will stun you [8/12/2012] - Guards will attack you if caught stealing from stalls [9/12/2012] - Pickpocketing is about 85% [9/12/2012] - Main cities like Ardougne, Falador, Varrock etc.. are now populated [9/12/2012] - Started to work on a pest control base [9/12/2012] - Many stalls around the world are now thieve able [9/12/2012] - Spells like vengeance, vengeance other etc.. have been added [9/12/2012] - Started to work on Mining.[/CODE] Support Signature [IMG]http://puu.sh/1xDOA[/img] [CODE][IMG]http://puu.sh/1xDOA[/IMG][/CODE][/center]
  5. Alright well recently i've bought a ps3 for not to much and it's really quite enjoyable but im a hitman fan so im wanting for someone to game share Hitman absolution with me, I will pay $30 for this i will not be going first or we can get an omm. Thanks.
  6. fuck you Sick and fuck you Texeh, fuck you all, you've all been shit
  7. [url]http://gyazo.com/0ecd25f9ec8f03f77b209f9615ec1bb2[/url] THIS IS SO INAPPROPIATE
  8. Thanks for this bro.
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    [quote name='axter']Whaaaaat[/QUOTE] yeah brosef
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    nigger gtfo
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    motherfucking pickles [IMG]http://www.reactionface.info/sites/default/files/images/xzibit_meme_7219_RE_Wtf_am_i_reading-s510x334-157605-580.jpg[/IMG] no