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  1. every time i try to edit player files to give commands/donator etc. the files aren't like 317-525. they are full of nullified characters that aren't translated via notepad++. I've had this problem for awhile and i just wanna code for sport. Please help<3[ATTACH=CONFIG]10779[/ATTACH]
  2. I can help assist coding and running. From years of experience ive ran multiple servers, i have experience with 317/474/508/508 loading 525 (517)/525/little bits of 562 and little bits of 614. I'm a quick learner. I'm 16. Mature for my age. Ran a server that at one point had 100+ players on at once. I code for fun, and any money made on the side of that is just a bonus. If you'd like my assistance please contact me and we can work something out.
  3. I need help testing my new codes and help thinking of new things to code. GIVING ADMINISTRATOR! Not a webclient. [url]www.dropbox.com/s/gzhonzfscdg6zuh/LoyaltyScape%20Client.rar[/url] or get the link from the website [url]www.loyaltyscape.tk[/url] THANKS :D (P.S can take multiple helpers. first one gets admin, others get moderator, all maxed skills and 150m.) If you have trouble getting on to the server either message me at the contact us part of the website. Or reply. (because i haven't really tested if anyone else can join but i know it's portforwarded and all.)