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  1. pking soso

    matrix help

    u can help me with port and ip please?
  2. pking soso

    matrix help

    guys i have matrix source and cache everything working except client it stucks on -1 so if anyone can help please :D
  3. same as urs
  4. how u fixed it?
  5. gimme the source and i will help :)
  6. Private message me it with your MSN.

  7. maybe if u gimme ur msn

  8. its a thing i cant tell on vistor masseges :$

  9. What am I mming? Gold PINS?

  10. cart i want u to mm for me on rs if u can pm me please <3

  11. emily can u gimme matrix source i am looking for it for 3 days now i am pissed :(

  12. warrior gimme the source please
  13. pking soso


    so can anyone pm me the link even if the anti leech is still there i will try to remove it