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  1. I gotta say, I really like this. It's like DayZ and Runescape had sex. Hope it turns out well in the long run, bruv.
  2. Ite so here's the deal, homies. My new PC runs Windows 8, which I don't know jack shit about. I've moved my old 562 from like two years ago to this PC. For some reason, my Run and Compiler batches don't work at all. I've updated the paths so they they are directed to my current java and javac versions and what not, but all I get is nonstop errors. Could I get some help with creating run and compile batches that are compatible with Windows 8? Also, I'm not trying to use an IDE, simply due to personal preference. [COLOR="#696969"]I can post the errors that I get if required.[/COLOR]
  3. iRepo


    I don't actually have Black/White right now, although I'm picking up a copy soon. What, though. Do you just have every known shiny in existence?
  4. iRepo


    Dude I'd kill for some shinies. [I][COLOR="#D3D3D3"]Also this topic went from Mouse to Pokemon. #lelwat[/COLOR][/I]
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    Honestly bruh, I grew up playing Pokemon and the shit's still my life to this day. Playing X right this second actually. I wish I could still collect the cards, but I can't get a job until the school semester's over, so I'm s.o.l. on this one. Still, though, I have all six hundred some shit of my old cards in my closet, been considering taking them back out.
  6. iRepo


    Sorry, but I couldn't help laughing at the Pokemon cards. Way to sort of shed light on things.
  7. If anybody has a copy of the first Tyden 562 Source + Client, I would be greatly appreciative if you were to share. Not trying to leech, but I am trying to use and alter a bit of it's contents. I would download it myself, but the thread's downloads are pretty much 404'd. Thank you in advance?
  8. Yo, newboy. I just stumbled across a thread you made a while back about making a run file for Windows 8. I'm currently having some issues with this myself, and I've assumed that by now you've fixed this problem. I hadn't found any solution in the thread itself, or anywhere else on the internet. Would you mind sharing your remedy on this situation?

  9. iRepo


    Wow, I can literally hear the sound of my heart breaking.
  10. Battlefield 3 is much better. And that's coming from someone who plays CoD all day. Even though I have Battlefield 3 Premium. What the fuck is wrong with me.. On a side note, [quote name='2kbarrows']Battlefield looks better, you cannot deny that. On a side note, grave digged thread.[/QUOTE] Gravedug, my dear.
  11. Hm. Glad to see Runelocus exists with the rest of the internet. On topic; [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/29y1qpk.jpg[/IMG] Off topic; Rich is fat.
  12. Alright, I'll add everything this weekend.
  13. Should I really update all the new 99s I've gotten into this thread? :p