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  1. I do not intend to steal any runelocus members. I just released a new forums I am developing. The forum is based on a community for every type of gamer! Whether it's console gaming, or PC gaming, it's there! You could also use the "Buy/Sell" section for selling games, game currencies, or even in game items! But most of all, I want to build a community of the most elite gamers from around the world that play every game! Link: [url]www.rejuicedgaming.com[/url]
  2. lol. If no help just don't reply man. Stop whoring up your post counts
  3. YES. I just got a vps, the server is up and everything, but I tried to add the server to the forums, but it says someone is already using my ip????
  4. "start another server" If you ever had a server you wouldn't be asking for a server fully coded LOL.
  5. [quote name='Thymen']You obviously dont understand it. How do you want the other developers get to the compiler without a virtual private server. My friend is currently running it from his server, And he is the only one who can code.[/QUOTE] What does the compiler have to do with anything? LOL.
  6. #Dharoks 2026:10 995:100000 15272:2 565:100 566:100 3265:100 4716:1 4886:1 4720:1 4722:1 TO #Dharoks 995:100000 4717:1 4886:1 4721:1 4733:1
  7. If you can Jar a client, and make a webclient you can own a server with me.
  8. Before barrows were dropping the items, (which would break to 0 when dropped) and some random items such as runes or random herbs. I just wanted it to drop barrows, so I deleted the random drops, and changed the 0 drops to noted barrows Now barrows aren't dropping anything! Trust me I've killed well over 100 without a drop, so it's not just me. Anyone help?
  9. Hi I updated some of my weapons with good bonuses, for example : Stab:84 Slash:93 Crush:56 Strength:125 Yet the max I hit is like a 34? Please help.
  10. Complete leech, I don't see one thing changed at all LOL
  11. Title says it all ty,
  12. I'm not looking for some shitty custom source. I was wondering if anyone had a source + client with: Old Whip Custom whips;bronze;iron;steel;elemental;iron;addy;dragon ;rune;barrows;lava;lime Phat colors: Pink, black Orange H'ween White H'ween D'cape
  13. I am requesting the following Old Whip Custom whips;bronze;iron;steel;elemental;iron;addy;dragon;rune;barrows;lava;lime Phat colors: Pink, black Orange H'ween White H'ween D'cape
  14. [quote name='Kingduffy01']Hey guys, if anyone needs a moderator in a server i would love to be. THANK YOU GUYS.[/QUOTE] Saying you want to be Moderator is like saying, "I'm a fucking idiot noob who will only play for benefits"
  15. If you can get me a VPS, I'll code for you.