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  1. Im useing the runelocus starterpack and i want to add items but i dont no how could someone post a tutorial for me? I dont now how to word like you guys do.
  2. I tryed and tryed to do this multiple xp thing for 2 days. Can someone please do it for me <3? Its taking for ever im using naughtyscapes source
  3. Yes but im useing naughtyscapes thing and every time i edit it it gives me a error
  4. Thats the code but i have some errors [CODE] if(c.rookie = 1) xp = xp*MULTIPYER if(c.average = 1) xp = xp*MULTIPYER if(c.legend = 1) xp = xp*MULTIPYER public boolean addSkillXP(int xp, final int skill) { if (skill < 0 || c.locked || c.canSpawn) { return false; } if (c.inRandomEvent()) { return false; } if (xp + c.playerXP[skill] < 0 || c.playerXP[skill] > 200000000) { if (c.playerXP[skill] > 200000000) { c.playerXP[skill] = 200000000; } return false; } xp *= SkillHandler.EXP_RATE[skill]; // XP multiplier xp *= DoubleXP.doubleXp ? 2 : 1; // xp *= c.newPlayer() ? 2 : 1; if (xp < 0) { xp = 0; }[/CODE] [ATTACH=CONFIG]6978[/ATTACH]
  5. Can anybody help me please? Im trying this but what file is it in?
  6. [quote name='Stacx']That's an insanely bad way of doing it. :L[/QUOTE] You seem like you no what your doing can you help me?
  7. Like what file should i do it in? My player class is like all messed up?
  8. Can someone help me with the quest tab? Im useing naughtyscape to begin coding. Can someone help me please?
  9. Can someone help me with multiple Xp rates when you start out? rookie = 0, average = 0, legend = 0, in player class but im keep failing could someone show me good tutorial or someone team viewer me?
  10. I looked at tutorials and i still didnt get it. Can you guys help me? Is it client sided or server sided? I want to add like donator zone stuff in it :)
  11. Yes, like hard difficulty you would get a sword that is powerful to level up and drop rates esc
  12. Composite

    Best starter vps?

    What is the best startee vps right now?
  13. How can my server have more than one exp rate? Like i know how to edit it. How do add more than one tho? have like extremely easy medium snd hsrd. Each one you do it gets harder to lvel up. thank you
  14. When I compile then start Breakingpoints Client This What Happens. Can someone help me? [ATTACH=CONFIG]5205[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]5206[/ATTACH]