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  1. This, Plus it'll make it easier to change things/move through files you want to edit and compile easier, and will let you know of any deficiencies in your code which in turn will help you out as a new coder.
  2. Yeah the sniping kitty was pretty badass Yeah, I was always your favorite you'd never forget about me
  3. Hey everyone, I used to go on these forums a lot back in the days, then I joined the Army (Currently in the 82nd airborne division) and forgot about these forums and stopped coding and stuff like that, but now I'm going to start back on coding since I have more free time on my hands and try to get back into this great community. Hopefully there's still some people here that remember me, and that could assist me in getting back into RSPS, if not I can probably just relearn it again. But just wanted to say hi, and reintroduce myself.
  4. Wrong Section
  5. So this is where I would like to put any questions I have regarding the game I'm creating, like things I'm stuck on. First, Here is a script that is supposed to make it so I could move an object up and down, left and right, which in my case is for some reason the X and Z axis, not the X and Y axis, Idk if I could change some settings in Unity to make it X and Y axis but anyway, this script changes the X and Y axis, but I want it to change the X and Z axis, but for some reason when I try to make it X and Z axis it acts spazzy [code]using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class DragCube : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] float _horizontalLimit = 2.5f, _verticalLimit = 2.5f, dragSpeed = 0.1f; Transform cachedTransform; Vector3 startingPos; // Use this for initialization void Start () { cachedTransform = transform; startingPos = cachedTransform.position; } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { if (Input.touchCount > 0) { Vector2 deltaPosition = Input.GetTouch (0).deltaPosition; switch (Input.GetTouch (0).phase) { case TouchPhase.Began: break; case TouchPhase.Moved: DragObject(deltaPosition); break; case TouchPhase.Ended: break; } } } void DragObject(Vector2 deltaPosition) { cachedTransform.position = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp((deltaPosition.x * dragSpeed) + cachedTransform.position.x, startingPos.x - _horizontalLimit, startingPos.x + _horizontalLimit), Mathf.Clamp((deltaPosition.y * dragSpeed) + cachedTransform.position.y, startingPos.y - _verticalLimit, startingPos.y + _verticalLimit), cachedTransform.position.z); } } [/code]
  6. I was just wondering, what would be better, I would like to make a game that is Top-Down, yet it is also 3D, and it has 2 different modes, a mode where you aren't controlling an entity, but building a base, then you could switch to a more Zoomed in Top Down, almost like 3rd Person where you could then control an entity, and I don't know if this would be easier done with Unity or by scratch.
  7. [quote name='damon2013']thanks man that is it haha never seen that one before :)[/QUOTE] You're welcome, see you figured it out yourself without needing the help of someone doing it for you, that's how you learn. (Unless that was at Amelia).
  8. `Josh

    Object Blocking Home

    [quote name='Amelia']Get the ObjectID and remove it in the Objectmanager.java correct me if i'm wrong, I havn't done this shit in ages haha ;D[/QUOTE] Yeah that's what I said too, but his problem is getting the ObjectID.
  9. [quote name='damon2013']c.getPA().sendFrame126("@[email protected]::cords",8161); is that right?[/QUOTE] No, try to look for an if statement, stating something like [code] if(command.equals("coords")) { System.out.println("PosX: " + Player.getX + " PosY: " + Player.getY + " PosZ " + Player.getZ); } [/code] System.out.println would print that into the console (If you're using a program like Eclipse to code with) Otherwise you will see nothing, you will have to find a reference of sending a message to the player.
  10. [quote name='damon2013']I just need a little help coding all I need help with is how do I set my self as owner because this is my first 614 server and I don't know a lot about them add me on Skype damon.walton2[/QUOTE] Go into the players directory under the source where all the players are saved, there should be a file containing your player's name. Right click that file and edit it, then search for "Rights" or something similar, eventually you will see a number 0 next to the word. Change that 0 to a 3. You will then be an Owner.
  11. [quote name='damon2013']ok m8 thanks for this btw man[/QUOTE] No problem.
  12. [quote name='damon2013']I have found it in player but I don't know how to make the command[/QUOTE] Alright, look in your Commands.java (Commands file) and look how those commands are. If you still have trouble post some code of your attempt at it and I'll fix it up for you.