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  1. Cheers man! I was on RuneLocus back around then also (probably sometime within 2008 though), although I don't recall my username as I was extremely young and probably just made a load of dumb help threads with terrible spelling.
  2. What's up Runelocus? Long time since I've been here, my last visit on this account was back in 2011, extremely long time. I know the majority here have never heard of me. I've been locked out of my account till today when a helpful administrator helped me get my account back, first thing I thought to do was donate. I love the changes that have happened to the forums, finally moved from the ugly vBulletin to ipBoard along with a clean theme. Good to see activity in relation to RSPS still. I'm now 19 years old, and still as optimistic as ever - I grew up playing and creating my own RSPS and also wasting tons of donation money from my first few RSPS' on RS-PS.org/Tobex Web Clients advertisements. I'm hoping to become much more active here regardless if I choose to engage in RSPS conversations again or not.
  3. Yes it can, Sorry for late reply. Not been active
  4. Did you upload everything in it?
  5. Hey all heres a webclieint maker script which includes -a template -a site -webclients -a loader/webclient (may not work, so u have to get ur own) -Webclient maker And more Rswebs script. Click here! Pictures coming soon
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    THE OFFICIAL PROJECT THREAD! SPLODEX.info is a webclient maker and a server maker which will create 317,474,508,525,562,602,614,620+ Or Even Classics. I will also take requests for webclients and even Habbo,WoW or other server based . Recent DISCUSSION We need moderators, You can apply now on the forums for Xat Moderator , Forum Moderator , GFX or even Global Moderator(which is all of the staff position in one) I can not really say much more but yeah, Its worth joining and we even do contests which you can win cash from or even real prizes. Click here to Visit We are currently 81% through our 508 webclient We are currently 33% through our 525 webclient
  7. Great forums and great use to the THT software. I may use if needed.
  8. Is there any bluurs webclients around ? or anyone who can make me one. (I'll give $1 for one:D)
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    could of just edited the post previously.
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    not in that way. + I was co-owner of that.