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  1. Kryptic'

    well i forgot

    to tell you guys i got 99 mining with RiD but shortly thereafter i quit RS because i didnt feel like i earned the cape...also feeling that if i worked for it myself that i would keep on playing..
  2. Do you wanna host for me;)??? please send a message back??

  3. does my reply seem off topic to your "legal high - incense" thread?
  4. idc this is a unreasonable "bored" staff members warning
  5. yes it was zykevs "legal high?" thread
  6. haha nice story emily, btw im 100k from 88 now 4.3mil xp in less than 2 weeks
  7. Spamming (e.g. large amount of advertisements) Please keep the debate intelligent, if it's not then it's considered spam (in the Intelligent debate section). You didn't get too off topic yet (2 posts) so this is a warning. ------- Original Post; Originally Posted by Zykev2 ZYKEV: Crystal Meth is made from things you would have laying around. ME:probably and most likely any chemical... this is clearly on-topic , zykev replying to me too cause obviously its not spam...wow really
  8. I'll go through reports after I take a shower. Now, calm down and don't get all worked up over a single member.

  9. just reported one, take a took for your shit proof

  10. I haven't really seen him spamming. All of the posts of his that I've seen are relative to the thread, or are part of a thread that's been locked. If you see a spam post, you're supposed to report it, not bitch about it.