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  1. Still cant believe you gave no credits -.-
  2. [quote name='MitchyB']I should of been a bit more clear, when I said "4) The chance to split any extra money from donations made when the server is online and we're taking donations and being paid when the server goes up and is being regularly updated." the bit where I mention extra payment AFTER the server is finished, I meant that we could come to an agreement as to 1/3 before and 2/3 after or 2/4 before and 2/4 after etc... :)[/QUOTE] 2/4 before and 2/4 after, dafuq same thing? or you talkin 50/50 on a deal where you pay 50 upfront and 50 after?
  3. Send progress packet for GE whats that one supposed to do?
  4. Master Laake

    Squeal tab id?

    Anyone know or have this?? greatly appreciated if i could get it.
  5. Ya, it aint that simple... Thats matrix for ya, you need a certain few sprite editors to change it, or you could just create a new bg loading method in the client...
  6. Master Laake


    Hmmm, easy to get the configs just dont know how to initiate them, i think you have to send access masks or something like that to initate the spining to be configured with the item you land on, only way i thought of it to be possible, configs are liek 2534 or around there i do believe. Edit: Well i got all the configs to make all the reward slots show correctly! :P now to figure out the rewards screen and the wheel spinning correctly! :P
  7. Ya, thats what i was figuring, but i cant figure out which one out of the dump i have -.-
  8. okay so configs for squeal? anyone have these? Configs for runespan shop? <<< these also And config or run script fix for ge sell bug [IMG]http://puu.sh/Lcre.png[/IMG] Also configs/interfaces for money pouch if at all possible! :P
  9. Master Laake


    Does anyone have the configs for this? Also the interface id for the tab button and the tab interface id since rs has changed i cant find it -.-
  10. Money Pouch, and squeal of fortune. If i could get these i would be greatly appreciative! :)
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Listen to master owage!~~!~!~!~!~!~~!
  12. Excactly as title states, requesting a interface config dump up to 1300!
  13. Thats where everyone is stuck, only a few people have the configs for that, and there only willing to sell it.