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  1. [quote name='JusticeX']15% commision and the coder does everything... good luck finding one[/QUOTE] You do realize if a server becomes big, with alot of donations, 15% is alot.
  2. Hi I need a long term coder for my 562, I am offering to pay $15 a month and you will get coder rank on the server. If the server gets big and I receive donations you get a 15% commision. Thanks, Sebastian Calcopietro PS: Skype is sebastian.calcopietro
  3. Anyone please help? Skype is sebastian.calcopietro
  4. Hi I got a Linux CentOS VPS and I would like help setting up my PI RSPS on it. Please add me through skype if you would like to help me out sebastian.calcopietro Thanks Sebastian Calcopietro
  5. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Add cache to data folder.[/QUOTE] I did that but my Compiler isn't working, do you know how to fix?
  6. This error is popping up, anyone know how to fix? [url]http://i44.tinypic.com/2e0myhu.png[/url]
  7. Hello, I purchased a cheap VPS with 2gb of ram with the CentOS operating system, and I want to run my server on it. Can someone set it up for me? I can offer to pay 5 dollars Please add my skype, Sebastian.calcopietro Thanks