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  1. i'm not very much into rsps but i'll give this a shot.
  2. Looks really good guys. :gg:
  3. [quote name='Jupiter']Sent this to Ikiliki, not sure if he'll reply soon enough but for the mean time I'd be glad to hear everyone's opinion regarding this. [QUOTE]Hi Ikiliki, where can I post my current progress on my quests achievements? Is it possible to post it here? If not, it would be good if you specified this or perhaps make a custom rank for this, like ''Free Quests Master'' (given to those who have completed all free quests in OSR). Like me.[/QUOTE] [/QUOTE] I personally think it would be awesome if he added a custom rank for the quests out there. He may of already added it but no one's completed any. I'm not sure. :P Anyways support+1
  4. Zykev2

    Reborn Empire

    I am really digging this Jaguar. good luck to you again
  5. Zykev2

    Reborn Empire

    Looks like it's in good progress. Keep it up.
  6. [quote name='fatmess']i have almost 1000 posts, have contributed to the community for 2 years and i really dont see the point in scamming someone for $10-$50 when i make that in an hour :L with all do respect your new hear so i dont think your allowed to question wether im trusted or not + i would be happy to use a middleman[/QUOTE] Just because you have nearly 1,000 posts doesn't mean you're trusted. You can take down the forum also if you're webhosting or whatever. Also if he's new here he still does have the say in questioning you if you're trusted. Being new means nothing when they want to buy something.
  7. Lol. And why should they trust you..?
  8. [quote name='Cart']Add media.[/QUOTE] "Add media" l2mage kids* adds one picture.<<<<<<