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  1. Looks very nice. gonna check it out :D
  2. Dustins

    Starting Off...

    After being part of RSPS's for many years(ignore join date) I want to experiment with creating my own. I know practically nothing about codeing but know alot about servers in general and know what to do (i think). BUT IM NOT ALONE. I have two friends of mine who are going to school to become programmers and have done some JAVA and want to join in. We are teaming up. My question here is what is a GOOD source/base to start off with? And is there anyone willing to help along for a while as well?
  3. Oh my, this is nice... Mmmm... Goodluck.
  4. I feel as if I have seen this before.
  5. this is kinda sexy!
  6. Media because I am confused but interested.
  7. Tried it, and its definately different. But it has great potential. Join guys.
  8. Well let's hope this re-make makes it ;) Lol goodluck.
  9. [quote name='Rising King']Updated the first post. Added all the new pictures and updates to it. Update: - Making a new template for HighScores - Adding Button Handling to Grand Exchange. Might change to the MySQL One that was released and work on that one.[/QUOTE] I like the new highscores template. Keep it up!
  10. Definately has a lotta work. But still decent.
  11. Dustins

    562 C# Release

    [quote name='Citellum']Thanks.[/QUOTE] Isnt there a button for that?