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  1. Fyi I'm sure Matrix has a command already in there which is ::god I believe.

    If not then here's the command

    [CODE] case "god":
    player.getEquipment().setEquipmentHpIncrease(Short.MAX_VALUE - 990);
    for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000;
    for (int i = 14; i < player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses().length; i++)
    player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[i] = 5000;
    return true;[/CODE]

  2. [quote name='dragonkk']not you. keiron.

    Anyway I resign corruptionx. you can now put them back in list, im no longer affiliated to them. doesnt mean im gonna stop with my personal actions ofc :). i do it cuz i hold a grudge agaisnt people who steal me, i told before in first page idc for cx.[/QUOTE]

    I really don't see the only thing we used was clans and we told you we would remove but you said no and carried on doing it


    So then why are you doing it?

    I'm in no way associated with any ddosing at all neither do I encourage ddosing, so why is this getting pointed at me?

  3. [quote name='dragonkk']oh i forgot, theres also the resources placing, room guardians, hunter creatures, the interfaces, party making, reentering dung if u dc/logout and login, slayer creatures, making all bosses lvls and creatures accurate for the complexity / dificulty / party and so on. theres more to it, such as guide mode etc.

    then theres even things i still have to do: the hard mode feature, which rs added 3month ago and ring classes changing.

    But... the most consuming part is making every boss 100% like rs <.<.

    Basicaly im saying that even if im not with them, your server will still be crashed every day :).
    Actualy i if im not with them i might even release app to crash every 667/718 matrix base.. if it was that simple to fix releasing would be pointless btw. actualy, youd have fixed already.[/QUOTE]

    Well you said you want to be the only matrix server out there, go ahead and release it. Then you will be.

  4. [quote name='dragonkk']use google cached pages, you will see thats not true. also nop, we dont have much players and we've been paying ddos protection every month so theres no profit at all.[/QUOTE]

    Okay then, if that's right then w.e, but it still doesn't eliminate the fact that the threats are coming from BO & Vincent, not you, so in this argument corruptionx is actually still the attacker, even if you're with them or not.

  5. [quote name='dragonkk']I know who sent you anyway.

    "If you want to go down the road of accusing I'll post every chat to do with it so everyone knows what you guys are really like."

    And there you go. you just proved yourself that you leeching features that i spent hours coding and didnt release.

    you think i care much if cx goes down? im not even paid for spending 3+ hours coding per day(latetly 5 hours+ cuz of dung since 1 month ago, it will be finished in 1 week at this rate, still coding is a hobby). if leeches stay down, its a fair price.

    Oh and btw im not an admin in cx dont worry, dont go blaming them for what i do:

    see? where does it say admin.

    Admins have admin word in title:

    Apparantly Bo pays you guys literally nothing every month out of how much he probably gets from an owner aspect he gets way more than he's paying you, I offered to cjay to help you guys out with money, by you guys I mean YOU and cjay, and he declined it.

    And btw I love that you just gave him the admin on the forums, still doesn't eliminate the fact of pictures like these;

    I can post all of them if you'd like?

  6. [quote name='dragonkk']dude thats personal. they stole code from me which tookme tens of hours of my life which even i myself dont profit a cent from. How is that related to toplist... please rethink proply or grow up.... And not talking about the released source. Im talking about was leeched from us a few month ago and they bought and used from person who leeched from me.

    Still... we didnt cheat in toplist so i dont see why are we banned from it... if we banned for making your server crash by sending a single packet, you guys should be banned for hacking me and leeching content and profiting from it when you didnt do a shit.

    Ah wait, youre from revolutionx? oh dont worry, i hold a personal grudge agaisnt you for buying sourc from apache when it was still hosted and for apache to keep stealing donationsa fter i closed mx to make him stop stealing, and mostly cuz u guys dont make a single update. personaly, idc if its for revolutionx, idc if im banned from every rsps community but you guys will never host matrix again, unless you fix it.

    Resuming: Cloudin ratted me and stole source 6month ago including clan chats which they using and more features.

    And now im crashing it.

    Ban me, not corruptionx. And ban also Keiron for ratting me.[/QUOTE]

    Me ratting you? I got it through skype actually a week or two ago.


    You wondered why people have a grudge against you, I showed why.

    Blocked out name because why would I show you who sent it to me.

    [11/01/2014 04:36:28] ***: **** sent Matrix II SRC.rar

    CloudIn is not associated with any ratting or hacking in general in anything at all, so your point is invalid.

    If you want to go down the road of accusing I'll post every chat to do with it so everyone knows what you guys are really like.

    I have nothing against you here I was stating why they have a grudge against you.

  7. Wonder why they have a grudge against you.

    [19/01/2014 22:05:00] Bo: You are the probably the most succesful matrix I leech out there right now
    [19/01/2014 22:05:36] Bo: You mentioned caring about your players
    [19/01/2014 22:05:42] Bo: Do they appreciate all this downtime?
    [19/01/2014 22:06:05] Keiron: My playerbase is mainly the pure community from battle-scape/ss
    [19/01/2014 22:06:16] Bo: Where do they PK at?
    [19/01/2014 22:06:29] Keiron: I'm friends with majroity of them so they're understandable on what's happening right now
    [19/01/2014 22:06:52] Bo: And they also understand this source was never supposed to be released?
    [19/01/2014 22:07:22] Keiron: What does that have to do with anything at all?
    [19/01/2014 22:07:26] Keiron: They probably don't care?
    [19/01/2014 22:07:41] Bo: I guess
    [19/01/2014 22:07:55] Bo: Or they aren't aware of that
    [19/01/2014 22:08:09] Bo: and consider it 100% yours after the little changes you have made
    [19/01/2014 22:08:22] Keiron: no?
    [19/01/2014 22:08:23] Keiron: lol
    [19/01/2014 22:08:30] Bo: W/e
    [19/01/2014 22:08:33] Bo: The point is
    [19/01/2014 22:08:50] Bo: The only reason you are under attack for is because you are running a stolen source
    [19/01/2014 22:09:06] Keiron: lol 2 years later
    [19/01/2014 22:09:07] Keiron: zzz
    [19/01/2014 22:09:17] Bo: Doesn't matter
    [19/01/2014 22:09:21] Bo: It's still stolen
    [19/01/2014 22:09:36] Keiron: Not exactly 'stolen' if it was released by DKK himself
    [19/01/2014 22:09:40] Bo: You have no idea how upset DKK is about it
    [19/01/2014 22:09:54] Bo: If he hadn't
    [19/01/2014 22:09:58] Bo: Someone would have eventually
    [19/01/2014 22:10:07] Bo: All of his work had been stolen already by the retard aka Apache
    [19/01/2014 22:10:17] Bo: He wanted to get atleast some credit
    [19/01/2014 22:10:23] Bo: before seeing all of his work getting destroyed
    [19/01/2014 22:10:49] Keiron: So what does he want?
    [19/01/2014 22:11:06] Bo: Only one Matrix source to exist
    [19/01/2014 22:14:45] Bo: So you are not willing to merge?

    oh right

  8. Would be nice for a donator benefits or something, what you're adding;
    Instead of doing cyan: talk here, you can just do ;;color 1 and you will always use that color.


    List of colors;
    [CODE]Red = 1
    Green = 2
    Cyan = 3
    Purple = 4
    White = 5


    [CODE] private int ColorID;

    public void setColorID(int ColorID) {
    this.ColorID = ColorID;

    public int getColorID() {
    return ColorID;

    [CODE]else if (packetId == CHAT_PACKET) {[/CODE]

    [CODE] if (player.getColorID() > 0) {
    colorEffect = player.getColorID();

    A command to toggle it from 1-5


    [CODE] case "color":
    int colorID = Integer.parseInt(cmd[1]);
    if (colorID > 5) {
    player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("Invalid Color Id.");
    return false;
    return true;[/CODE]

    Really easy to do, never seen anyone do it on 718 so I thought I would just quickly do it and release for the lols.

  9. [quote name='raivorots']now im getting this error - [url]http://prntscr.com/28w1ix[/url]
    can u add me on skype maybe u can help me with teamviewer - raivis.taurins1[/QUOTE]

    Kinda going full retard atm, I need some sleep sorry xd, very tired still.

  10. [quote name='Stacx'][code]import com.rs.Launcher.vote.hasvoted;[/code]
    [code]import com.rs.Launcher;[/code][/QUOTE]


    [CODE]VoteReward reward = Launcher.vote.hasVoted(player.getUsername().toLowe rCase().replaceAll(" ", "_"));[/CODE]


    [CODe]VoteReward reward = Launcher.hasVoted(player.getUsername().toLowerCase().replaceAll(" ", "_"));[/CODE]

  11. [quote name='Arix']A more likely reason (than windows 95 or something) is that he's trying to run it on a VPS or a computer designed as server which doesn't have a graphics card that supports what is required for the client and thus the game cannot load.

    OR he just has a classic theme on a modern computer and there's something else wrong.[/QUOTE]

    Sounds like that might actually be the reason, back then my computer was horrible.

  12. I can remember this happening to me like 6 years ago when I used internet explorer, I can't remember what was causing it but it may of been my internet blocking it, not too sure, what version is your computer? etc windows 7, windows 8, mac? By the looks of it may be something like an old windows 95 or something XD, have you tried redownloading java @ [url]http://www.java.com/en/[/url] ?

  13. [quote name='Rimv911']I try to run the server and im getting this error
    [CODE]Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.ServerChannelHandler
    at dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server.<init>(Server.java:113)
    at dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server.main(Server.java:120)

    Could anyone help me? I can't solve this on my own..[/QUOTE]


    Go to bin.dragonkk.rs2rsps.net

    See if the ServerChannelHandler is in there.