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  1. I get on occasionally to either take donations or help some friends out otherthan that I don't login to rs :x

  2. i died and came back np

  3. I see what is happening here. hmm

  4. 's Are nice ;]

  5. PM me your skype if you still use it ;p

  6. Give me ur skype or im ending my life. :c

  7. You ever on anything anymore? :o skype or anything?

  8. Keiron

    Don't use msn anymore, only skype.

  9. i dont have the client anymore

  10. already got one.

  11. how come your never on the server lul

  12. will do soon im coding atm

  13. you could it would save me time getting all these npc ids up to you

  14. Keiron


  15. thanks and yeah looks great :p

  16. make what change? the username? thats fine only want a capital Y anyways ;)