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  1. get proof? kk im proof you did steal bladex's source because i used to code for u joe and its the exact source of bladex's
  2. try setting pc department time to like 2 mins not 5mins, 5mins is tooo long.
  3. it would be easy for caelum + this was already posted why didn't you take it from old runelocus ;o
  4. maybe try looking into pali youbleedred and check out whats it lik and convert to rs2hd? ah well i code for u anyways ima go see what ican do haha.
  5. this is alright but this is only shop right? ah should try get more done ill see what i can do lol.
  6. just looks the same as caelums base to me sory, lol
  7. i want old back... i miss my 500 postsand stuff....